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(Yorkshire origin) A Struggle: A word to describe how one may feel when waking up to discover you have the worlds largest hang over, furriest tongue and ugliest face. Usually the clock is saying 8:56 am and your due into work in 4 minutes....the drive takes 45.
Roger: "sorry mr green, im going to be a wee bit late for work this morning"
Mr green: "Oh and why is that Roger?"
Roger: "Because i look like i've been hit by the ugly truck - twice"
Mr green: "Oh dear, i suppose your struggling to get here for nine then roger?"
Roger: "Struggling? that's not the word mr towing like a beatch"
by hannah f December 23, 2007
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when your flexsable and u bend your toe to your ass hole and jame your toe deep in your ass
i love towing
by bald&proud March 24, 2004
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When your penis can reach your ass and tow it along
I can tow, but I don't
by Leigh kemp March 24, 2004
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To tow is to struggle. The exertion of strenuous effort against opposition.
Jack is really towing to get his assignment handed in on time.
Jill towed to get to work in the morning after a night of heavy drinking.
by Bazard November 16, 2007
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