45th state in the Union.
Settled by Mormons in 1847.
Home of the 4 m's
Meth Labs
Mini Vans
Capital City is Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City was host of the 2002 Olympic Winter Games

"Greatest Snow on Earth"
Yes, you can get a drink in Utah
by nick May 14, 2004
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Western state in the mountainous region, settled by the LDS religion (commonly known as Mormons). Stated to be some sort of black hole, for many call they always find themselves hopelessly pulled back by some mysterious force.
The weather can never decide on itself in Utah.
by Zacrey Monte Hansen March 19, 2005
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a state with good scenary and wierd people; has many spectatcular views in the rockies and the famous salt flats of bonneville; most of the people live in a compact corridor between odgen-salt lake-provo. now the people- the most conservative in the country: basketball obsessed, skiing mormons
utah has nice moutains and crazy mormons.
by StatesDude April 4, 2004
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I had a black friend drive through utah, he got pulled over 3 times crossing the state and he never speeds, he said it's like they radioed his presence when he crossed the border (true story)
by Paul S. W. November 7, 2006
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A cool state that only caught a bad reputation because mormons (a religion of brainwashed people), have claimed it as their state. A totally unfair decision.
Utah is a Kool State Because:

Home to John Stockon.

Awesome snowboarding

And fry sauce!
by y cant i use my name!!! January 15, 2007
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A great place to get away from most of the filth that Californians celebrate.
Utah: a pretty great state!
by Dasnasdi June 16, 2004
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a boring ass state full of mormons and white people and so cold ( i live in this hell hole) but yet other people enjoy it
utah what am i supoosed to say?
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