The act of looking a word up on urban dictionary. The "dic" is pronounced like dick.
Hey man what does that word mean?

I dunno dog urbandic it.
by XxTokerxX4Life July 24, 2008
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A keen user of, a lil' bit geeky, a lil' bit dickish, but in a good way.
Have you seen the newly defined word? Troop along and see, all ye faithful urbandics!
by Intensity April 15, 2011
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Your typical everyday urban dictionary user who does at least one of the following; makes up retarded names (i.e. dmunio, danillio, arshellia) that are not funny and have shit definitions (i.e. "your best pal, always there for you" or "very hot and nice looking"), uses their own names to look cool and be a fortnite flexxer (i.e. a kid named Ava writes a definition for Ava that says things like "super hot and cool" or "that one person who's always your friend"), or just makes garbage and cringey definitions that deserve the Cringe Of The Year Award.
Quantifi: Ay Chad, why is this garbage on Urban Dictionary?
Chad: I don't know. There's been an influx of speds and urbandics who write definitions of names and retarded crap.
by the schmouse May 17, 2018
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opposite of Urbandouche urbandate is when somone trys to make a definition on urbandictonary about how much they love somebody
Joe: i made jenny an URBANDATE for her birthday
Bob: ...
Bob: nice
by Leafman April 18, 2009
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To UrbanDic (or Urban Dictionary) something is to look it up on Urban Dictionary. It could be used in a conversatiuon in which someone has used a new slang word that you don't understand.
"He's a dotcomrade of mine."
by anyaaa :) October 25, 2007
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1. a remark, comment, or theory that is absurdly false or idiotic
2. a interpretation of an event in a foolhardy manner
3. to speak, declare, or express an opinion that is absurdly bogus or unintelligent
2009, Urbandale, IA
"I heard some great Urbandalism's at work today, you wouldn't believe how stupid these people are."
by braseph November 25, 2009
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Urband Dictionary is the website you are on right now a dictionary for bad memes good memes some things that cant be found on other dictionary’s like PooPooFingerling can be found on this website/dictionary.

is my favorite website or HELL NO I DONT WANT URBAND DICTIONARY
by Α August 8, 2021
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