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A hybrid of the words dissapate and precipitate.
To disperse a substance no longer needed with a subtle force, which then creates desirable outcome.
e.g. used to describe the outbreath in yoga of the grey mist in the healing breath.

"Breathe in the golden light and then allow the grey mist to dissipitate outwards"
by Intensity May 22, 2006

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have, the short form used in texting, e-mail or chat (IM or chatroom), have
i hv just quit my job YES!
by Intensity January 09, 2005

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1. freedom from care, anxiety, or doubt about your sex supply; well-founded confidence about your sex supply
2. something that secures or makes sex safe; protection such as condoms
3. precautions taken to guard against STIs

1. "I am really happy with my lovers, we love and care for each other and have good sexcurity, I never have to worry about when or how I am going to get sex, I just know I am."

2. "Have you got any sexcurity on you? All my condoms are past their use by date, and I have finally scored so I need some sexcurity!"
by Intensity January 31, 2008

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an alteration of the term ' to have kittens' to strongly overreact to a situation.
I scratched my Dad's car and he had a cow -now I am not allowed to borrow it for a year!
by Intensity January 09, 2005

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A keen user of unrbandictionary.com, a lil' bit geeky, a lil' bit dickish, but in a good way.
Have you seen the newly defined word? Troop along and see, all ye faithful urbandics!
by Intensity April 15, 2011

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1. Energetic extreme sports term for getting together with mates and doing said extreme sports, such as kiteboarding and snowboarding.
2. A person who performs strongly in extreme sports such as kiteboarding and snowboarding.
1. "Surf's up, let's go for a whackjam"
2. "Surf's up, let's go find Whackjam"
by Intensity February 22, 2006

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a lover relationship between 3 individuals. may be a marriage type arrangement or something more informal -all 3 living together or not.
I live with my spice in a triad, my husband and my wife and I all share everything - including our bed.
by Intensity January 09, 2005

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