yo son i gots to get me a pair of crispy uptowns these i have are fucked up
by rudy February 4, 2005
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the place where all the white guys from the depot (i.e. dogfuckers) go, nowhere near uptown, but compared to whoreleons some guys think it is. Lately one guy from
whoreleons go there to work, but the white guys don't think he last too long, all days he complain THE COFFEE TOO WEAK,
guy, GUY, we needs to send more guys uptowns...... I guess it's dum dum's turn
by BDPHAC January 28, 2005
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Adjective. Literally referring to the high class area of town, Uptown can generally be used as a positive adjective in any situation.
"these shoes are uptown"
"this beer is uptown"


Rob: "hey Cott did you get some poon-tang last night?"
Scott: "Why indeed I did kind sir! It was motherfucking UP-Town!"
by Rob January 13, 2005
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in nyc anwhere from 110th St up
Harlem , Washington Hieghts & Inwood thats Uptown
by g March 30, 2005
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A tasty drink made of 50% sweet tea and 50% lemonade usually sold in soul food restaurants of NewYork.

However this drink is sometimes called a half and half, sour tea, and it is marketed by Arizona brewing company under the name "Arnold Palmer".
It was 96 degrees outside so I went over the 87th street to buy myself an uptown.
by golfinlaxer June 28, 2010
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consist of many neighborhoods;but it is overall the Northwest quadrant of Washington DC. The population is mainly Latinos and African Americans. But there has been many white people moving in lately
by hdudytehdcmdj May 20, 2008
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What inmates refer to as being on the outside. Typically referred to as getting out of jail.
The first thing I'm gonna do when I get uptown is get some steak and shrimp.
by drunkbigb February 17, 2007
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