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new york word for air force ones
yo son i gots to get me a pair of crispy uptowns these i have are fucked up
by rudy February 04, 2005
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Adjective. Literally referring to the high class area of town, Uptown can generally be used as a positive adjective in any situation.
"these shoes are uptown"
"this beer is uptown"


Rob: "hey Cott did you get some poon-tang last night?"
Scott: "Why indeed I did kind sir! It was motherfucking UP-Town!"
by Rob January 12, 2005
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A pair of Air Force Ones by Nike.

Origin:New York
Yo those Up Towns are nice.
by Jonathan Morales December 29, 2004
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in nyc anwhere from 110th St up
Harlem , Washington Hieghts & Inwood thats Uptown
by g March 30, 2005
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A tasty drink made of 50% sweet tea and 50% lemonade usually sold in soul food restaurants of NewYork.

However this drink is sometimes called a half and half, sour tea, and it is marketed by Arizona brewing company under the name "Arnold Palmer".
It was 96 degrees outside so I went over the 87th street to buy myself an uptown.
by golfinlaxer June 28, 2010
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consist of many neighborhoods;but it is overall the Northwest quadrant of Washington DC. The population is mainly Latinos and African Americans. But there has been many white people moving in lately
i live Uptown on Georgia Avenue
by hdudytehdcmdj May 19, 2008
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What inmates refer to as being on the outside. Typically referred to as getting out of jail.
The first thing I'm gonna do when I get uptown is get some steak and shrimp.
by drunkbigb February 16, 2007
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