A terminal condition, the main symptom of which presents as the insatiable desire to upgrade.
A word originally coined by Isaac Sibson, and now increasingly prevalent in internet based discussions.
'Isaac, I have a great new cam, but now I want loads of accessories too.'
'Yes Brad, you have upgraditis.'
by Brad April 6, 2004
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n. something that raises its subject to a higher level of potency, an artificial adaptation.

v. to make something more powerful or significant
L3K gets a new upgrade every day; she acquired teleportation a couple weeks ago for instance.
by The Ugly One November 20, 2003
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To make a better choice for a relationship partner.
Joe: Have you seen my new girlfriend?
Bob: Yes, she's a nice upgrade.

John: You are so nice! My last girlfriend was always going crazy white girl on me.
Sue: Nice upgrade.

Sharon: I love that you actually have a job, unlike my last boyfriend.
Fred: Nice upgrade.
by Harmony08 September 15, 2010
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An Upgrader is a person, member of the same frequent flyer program, with more miles than your self.
He or She is upgraded, You are Not

The chance to be victimized by upgraders is huge.
Were you upgraded last friday?

Nope, to many upgraders on that flight.

Ghetto upgrade
by boereniis March 4, 2010
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1.To improve or replace old hardware with new hardware.

2.To get rid of a friend/significant other, for a much better one.
1.I upgraded my computer by putting in a much bigger hard drive.

2.Damn, did you see his new girlfriend, he's definitely upgraded.
by Young Enigma March 11, 2009
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A slang term for upgrading software or hardware, primarily used by off shore resources. Installation, documentation, upgradation. Use is slowly gaining acceptence with international companies.
We performed the upgradation as per the documentation after the installation.
by Roger SP November 30, 2006
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n. The process of walking up to a toilet intending to urinate and, before or after urinating, changing one's mind to instead sit down and defecate.

v. To perform an upgrade.
While I was pissing I let out the biggest, nastiest fart. It stank so bad, I knew I had to upgrade.
by Lobsters Attack February 17, 2011
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