To piss off. and annoy in a petty way
He asked me so many questions, he was right up my nose
by AAC August 10, 2005
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A common expression used when a particular moment or event conveys a similar feeling to that of having a tomato up the nose.
Person 1: Dude my grandma just died.
Person 2: Damn, that's such a tomato up the nose moment.
Person 1: Yeah, and not even a ripe one!
by MrTomatoUpTheNose December 16, 2020
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The ultimate, most beastly comeback that works very similarly to your mom and your face. Insert "UP YOUR NOSE" whenever you:
a. don't want to answer a question
b. someones says something stupid
c. are in a particularly silly mood.

Relates to the great Potato Famine, because all he potatoes are up Quinn's nose.
Alex: I kinda want some carrots....
Quinn: There are carrots UP YOUR NOSE!!!!!!!!!!!

Vinny: Do you wanna go to a movie?
Quinn: There's a movie up your nose!!!
by Fly Lesbian Seagull! October 19, 2005
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An expression of annoyance or disgust from the South West of England, and can be applied to just about anything from physical objects and people to ideas and opinions. It originated quite literally from something getting into the nasal passages and causing pain, irritation and aggravation. From there its use expanded to cover just about anything that causes annoyance, exasperation or discomfort. It is now used widely throughout the UK.
by AKACroatalin June 17, 2015
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Used by Vinny Barbarino, in welcome back kotter, as a scape-goat for extreme frustration, or backed into a corner and no intellegent answer is thought of.
by justin vs December 14, 2007
Shove earphones up your nose is a common phrase when out to refer to snorting cocaine.
Jeff: You wanna go to the park and shove earphones up your nose tonight?
Dave: Yeah sure Bro
by earphoneshiffer July 22, 2018
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The act of snorting spaghetti-os up your nose and into your sinuses.
Collin showed me the Up-Nose-Spaghetti-Os last night, it was crazy!
by The Mastur of Bation September 17, 2016
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