the last name of Kim possible's best friend (and soulmate) Ron stoppable. he is never without his naked mole rat, Rufus. His last name is stoppable because he isn't very good at crime-fighting and his pants always fall down.
Ron stoppable is Kim's soulmate, I ship them so hard.
by Destielz November 11, 2013
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a person that tries to stop a person from gettin some dick or pussy also see cockblocker
kk:man that bitch diamond is a fuckin ron stoppable
nana: fucks yea
by rema August 1, 2007
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the nicest, most pure hearted guy you'll ever meet. plus, he has a very cool pet naked mole rat, Rufus, and an awsome best friend Kim Possible.
fav ron quotes

"they took his banjo!"
- Coach Possible
"Yah, ya know, it might be another 4,5, or 6 more weeks..."
-Naked Genius
"I got the MAD LOVE fo' the MEATCAKES!!"
- A sitch in time
"Kim, Drakken's in the house, is this really a good time to fix your make-up?
by Katie April 16, 2004
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Really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, (ten minutes later) really, really cool/funny/cute/stupid side kick to Kim Possible. I only wish they were more than just best friends... He has a little naked mole-rat named rufus and loves to eat at Bueno Nacho. Ron is pretty cute for a cartoon (bite me) and has a loveable personality.
My Favorite Ron Quotes:

"Okay, when the chips are down, Ron Stoppable takes charge! Now which one of these pedal thingies do I step on to make it go-go?" -Car Trouble

"So as you see from this very conclusive demonstration, it's not so much that I lost control of the car, as it is they built the gym to close to the parking lot." -Car Trouble

"Hi. I'm Ron. And that's R to the O to the Hizz-N! Yup-yup!" -The Golden Years

"Tok-y-o! I love the French!" -Crush

"Oh, Fuji. Why does it always have to be monkeys? Why can't I ever be attacked by crazed supermodels?" -Exchange

"Leave her alone! It's her turn! Taking turns is a basic foundation of Pre-school! The jungle law of Day-care is behind us." -A Sitch In Time (Amazingly, that's a younger Ron. Maybe he got dumb as he grew up)

"Kim, you put the 'neat' in 'incognito'! -A Sitch In Time
by Andie Featable December 28, 2004
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From the cartoon Kim Possible! Best Friend of Kim Possible (K.P.) He likes creating Nacos and likes to eat at Buano Nacho. He has a pet naked mole rat-Rufus! and he always watches K.P.'s back!
"Nacho meets Taco, I call it the Naco!"
"Rufus isn't a pet, he's family."
by Lars Honeytoast September 30, 2003
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kim possibles best friend and sidekick. Not to mention as of the premire of "so the drama" her boyfriend. *sigh* WHY CAN'T EVERY MAN BE LIKE THAT!?
ron stoppable and kim possible forever
by Anonymous April 12, 2005
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from the show kim possible has a pet naked mole rat named rufus that is cute. has kp's back 24/7 he and her will be friends for life awesome dude creator of the naco. was the manager for bueno nacho for a day. and loves wrestling he's faveortie is steel toe.
ron dude the naco rocks.
by Patrick Dron November 30, 2003
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