Trudy is the best person you will ever meet!! She's beautiful and smart. Trudy's normally have blonde hair with blue or hazel eyes. Sometimes her eyes with change colors. Trudy is talented and she will make you laugh with her many blonde moments. If there's a Trudy in your life, lock her down now! You might not get another chance!!
DUDE, your dating a Trudy!? Man, I wish I was you!!
by aco smith June 14, 2016
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Trudy is one bad bitch. She is too cool for school. She is the most beautiful and hot women you’ll ever meet. When volcanos see her they be like “sweet baby Jesus she hawt” and then the sun will be looking down saying “oh Lordy, I wanna be as hawt as her” She is thiccc and all the guys fight over her. They like “damn I think I’m in love” then she would be like “damn you pathetic, 🤙🏿“

She will always be honest with you. Even when your hair is jacked up or u look like a frog.

Trudy got everyone loving her. Her nerdy glasses and smile make other gurls jealous. Girls wish hey had her makeup skills and bootiful hair.

Trudy is every straight guy or lesbian girl dream girl. But she never needs either one because she independent. She can handle herself.

But, When you hurt a Trudy...SHE AND HER BESTIE SOUREEN WILL FIGHT YOU. So never mess with her bc she’ll get ya.

TRUDY IS A 10/10 and nobody can say anything else!!
by Sourcream May 23, 2018
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1. A slang word for cool.

2. A person who performs a random act of kindness
- "I wish I was as Trudy as her."

- Bryanne : "I need a pencil."
Lauren : "Here have mine!"
Larianne : "Oh Lauren you're such a Trudy!"
by Trudy! :) June 8, 2009
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Somebody who is particularly conscientious of their or others use of grammar and lexis.
(Somebody picks out a grammar mistake) "Stop being such a Trudy!"
by Gary Wilkinson November 27, 2006
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Teacher "answer the question"

Person "I am too Trudy to answer"
by Skulker21 February 18, 2015
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1. A woman with a large butt; A woman that is not over weight but has a large rear end. From the Miami Vice character: Big Booty Trudy.

2. A white woman with a large butt (or generally overweight) that dates black men because white men are not attracted to them.
After I dumped my wife because she was getting too fat, she went Trudy and started dating only brothas.
by Dos Equis XX December 8, 2010
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Meaning: Strength of the Spear, Spear Maiden, Beloved. Also the name for the most awesome person ever. It is impossible to fit so much awesomeness into any other person.
"Mess with that Trudi and you'll get skewered."

"Even Chuck Norris can't match the awesomeness that is Trudi."
by Gypsygoddess February 2, 2010
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