some fancy combination of words usually protected by two quotation marks one at the beginning and other at the end. which when used to sounds cool ,intellectual and legitimate .
mom : go read some books dumb ass !
ninja son: but mom , i want to be the best ninja..
mom: (proverb) " pen is mightier than sword" son.
ninja son: yeah right!! you win.
mom: (proverb)"mother knows best"
by yesitsgd November 26, 2015
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proverbing means to say something orally or express a thought to another- in the thought of mental- mind telepathy communications, or face to face expressions.
It’s the opposite- grounding, like she’s whispering to me without a word, proverbing she’s there as well as she’s with me and we’re fine.
by M. R. Duriez June 26, 2019
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An erudite truncation of an intuitive concept that sagaciously expresses a greater truth in the visage of a simple and understandable maxim.
"And the wise man did say when asked about the principle of self-sufficiency:

'Give a man a porn mag and he can wank for a week, give a man broadband access to the internet and he can masturbate for a lifetime.'"

"Never trust a duck with a match"
The origin of this ancient proverb, like so many others, has been lost to the mists of time; recent archaeological findings, however, seem to support the predication that the provenance of the precept lies in 1st Century Rome, where the Great Duck of Saxony (later chronicled by Tacitus as the Surreptitious Duck of Saxony) - under the direction of Ambiorix, Prince of Germania - managed to infiltrate Rome and set alight the South-Eastern quadrant of the Circus Maximus, causing fire to disperse vociferously through the densely populated districts of Rome, leaving the city engulfed in flames for the next five days.
The eponymous Duck, having assimilated himself into the backdrop of the Aventine under the pretence of being a duck, obtained a match; from when and where he acquired the fateful match is unknown (eye-witnesses who survived the blaze claim to have overheard a person suffering from a duck-like affliction asking for a match to light his cigarette), but what he then proceeded to do with it is unequivocal. Observing that the fire was spreading quicker than he had anticipated, the Duck flew to the safety of the Imperial Palace where he was accosted by the Emperor Nero, who - entranced by the Duck's ebullience and duckish charisma - was inveigled into playing the lute as a celebration of the Duck and all duck-kind; all the while the Duck had perched itself on one of the Doric columns to gleefully gaze down below to the sight of a carbonic miasma emanating from the fire consuming the streets and the tenebrous clouds of smoke piercing the crepuscular skies as the Great Duck watched Rome burn.
by Denty Gimps-a-Lot August 13, 2007
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When you use proverbs in regular conversation. Due to you or friends using them excessively on social networks to describe what's going through your/their mind.
Person 1- "I'm really starting to see the glass half-full ever since Tom put up the 'A bird in the hand is worth more than two in the bush' proverb."

Person 2- "Wow. Sounds like proverb overload."
by Nation Wide March 24, 2009
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a person who attempts to seduce a young Christian virgin with made-up Bible verses.
Proverbs 34 doesn\'t know what the hell he\'s talking about; so, don\'t have sex with that douchebag.
by Will Barnes April 27, 2005
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Proverbs created by people on Facebook through status messages that finds its ways across the world.
i.e. "Nothing is going right today, so I'm going left"--Facebook Proverb
by [/|{The_Doctor}|\] January 18, 2011
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A beautiful and strong woman who can hold her own. Who is pure and loving, who is not to afraid to tell the truth and wont hold back. A woman who deserves the best treatment.
Yo, that girl Erica she’s gonna be my proverbs 31 girl.
by Young Ge August 1, 2018
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