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Similar to homeschooling, minus the learning part. There is no curriculum involved, there is no structure, and there is no social interaction with other kids their age. Typically leads to severe social anxiety, an IQ of 79, the inability to spell any word over 4 letters, refusal of vaccinations, homeopathy, and virtually no grasp on how the scientific method works. Honestly they don't even know what the scientific method is. They can't spell science.
"I started unschooling Johnny this week!"

"Oh is that like homeschooling?"
"Kind of, I just let him sit at home eating whatever food I can afford to buy him with my food stamps, and he's gotten really good at Minecraft."
"Oh...well that doesn't sound very healthy. Are you sure it works?"
"I'm not sure, but last night I heard him scream 'YOU SHIT EATING COCK NOZZLE, I'LL FUCK YOUR MOM!' while he was playing Call of Duty."
by Antivaxxers bleach their asses October 20, 2015
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