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One of the coolest people you'll ever meet. He's pretty much the definition of awesome.
"See that guy over there?"
"You mean that awesome guy?"
"Yeah, that's Holt"
by Mysterious Mr. Lady January 03, 2009
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The most lovable man a person could wish to meet, with a smile as big as his heart
Oh my god that guy just rescued that puppy from a burning building on his way home from his shift at the homeless shelter, what a nice guy.

Yeah but he's no Holt.
by Football Friend March 04, 2012
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one who's soul purpose in life is to consume/learn about as much protein as possible.
George Holt says,"every shrimp has 8 grams of protein in it."
by travis wood April 12, 2007
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You can't even call Holt a town.
It has 2 gas station, camo EVERYWHERE you turn your head .
"Wow all I see is 2 gas stations "
"Yes, were in Holt"
by ChandlerMIZNOUNT November 06, 2009
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a tragic little area in the farmland between tracy and stockton. most people don't know about it even though there are some textbooks named after it and theres a semi-famous guy named Benjamin Holt who invented the first practical tread using tractor
"Hey I'm from Holt"

"Where's that?"

"You know, that area between Stockton and Tracy"


*Sigh* "No"
by small nontown living person February 23, 2011
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To conversate with a bro.
If'n I can't get a holt of my bro to get money fer my lite bill we will all sittin in tha dark in tha trailer.
by Marlaette May 26, 2008
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Very cocky about his dick size but in reality he has a very small dick... (3 inch or smaller) He tells everyone he has a big dick but has the smallest dick size of his friends. He is completely full of himself. He tries everything to enlarge his dick but everything he tries fails.
dude that guy is such a holt I bet he has a 2 incher
by lololololololol so true December 07, 2015
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