An option for parents who are too poor for private school. Basically these folks think the entire outside world other than the 700 Club, their megachurch and Wal-Mart is corrupt and sinful. A example schedule for a home schooler:

9:00-11:30: Bible Study
11:30-1:30: Discussion of the latest James Dobson/Rick Santorum book
2:00-3:00: Seminar: "Why Negroes are evil and sexually promiscous and why Jesus tells us to hate them"
3:00-4:00: Daughters: lesson in cooking, sewing or houskeeping
Sons: Math, Science (Young Earth Creationism), History (White Christians rule, everyone else deserves their suffering), Government (why Democrats are Satanic), or English.
Person A:I am homeschooling Madison and McKaylynn because the Bible tells me can't be a Bible-believing Christian otherwise

Person B: I went to public school, go to church every Sunday and try to live my life in a manner that would please God. I've read from Genesis to Revelation--I don't remember seeing that.

Person A: Ok, I really did it because I was afraid they would date black guys and I didn't want them exposed to n****r whore 10 year olds like the one who said my husband raped her. That slut!
by Proud Prep School Grad May 9, 2006
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Let's balance that other definition; homeschooling is an option for any parent, even those who can afford private school tuition.

Because of their structure, there are things that institutional schools can't offer as well as homeschools, things like independence, choice, parental responsibility, freedom, flexibility, a tailored curriculum, one-on-one attention (for longer than five minutes) and far better teacher/student ratios.

Institutional schools lend themselves better to peer pressure, intimidation, student rivalry, cliques, faking one's way though class, indifference, truancy and functional illiteracy.

If a parent were a musician and formally taught their child an instrument at home, no-one would be concerned. Yet, when it comes to the 3 R's, that unnerves people.

People who oppose homeschooling throw up stereotypes like sheltering and hating everyone else. But if your knowledge of something comes from stereotypes, then what does that say about the quality of your education? The internet is used by homeschoolers, and has made information more accessible, giving a far wider range of viewpoints on any subject than a time-strapped teacher being steered by a predetermined, state-approved curriculum.

Homeschoolers don't believe that institutional schools (or those in them) are 100 per cent evil. You get good students in all types of schools, and bad ones too. But in institutional schools, it's easier to fall through the cracks, simply because they're bigger.
Person A: I am homeschooling Madison and McKaylynn because the Bible encourages me to.

Person B: I went to public school, go to church every Sunday and try to live my life in a manner that would please God. I've read from Genesis to Revelation--I don't remember seeing that.

Person A: Why don't you remember Deuteronomy 6:7 along with Luke 4:4?

Person B: Because I've got better things to do than teach my children or remember those verses, especially if it's the Old Testament. In the New Testament, Jesus said that we are to live by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God, but The Gospels are impractical.
by I wasn't even homeschooled March 21, 2010
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A method of education primarily designed for students who like sleeping in. Advantages include time in the morning for a nourishing breakfast of bacon, eggs, and hash browns, as well as the option to study in one's pajamas without facing ridicule (except from siblings, and no one cares about that).
Taylor: "I love homeschooling! I slept in till ten a.m. this morning and cooked a huge breakfast before starting school!"
Brian: "Ugh. I was up at six this morning. I ate a Pop-Tart."
by wordgirl22 November 3, 2010
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can be any of the following :

A a super nerd.
B a person who in socially awkward
C a person who cant/wont go to school public for personal reasons*

D a person who was never allowed to go to regular school and almost always ends up looking and acting like "L" from DEATH NOTE. And after the child is allowed to chose weather to go to public school or not, it is too late because the homeschooling has permanently alters his mind and even if he did go to a public school he knows he would probably snap

E a person who thinks of others as inferior creatures and dislikes to associate with them, often the inventors of "the next big thing"

warning! : homeschools are socialy unsure how to react to certain things, becareful what you say as they may misinturpret or over react.
setting : public school

john : hi

ex-homeschooler : dont talk to me.

john : your wierd

ex-home school-er : DONT INSULT ME! *breaks johns arm*

the next day the ex home schooler is sent a to a mental institution to try to undo the effects of home schooling.
by extra L April 25, 2012
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Everybody is like: ''It sounds like so much fun! You can hang out at the mall with your friends all day long!''.
No. Being Homeschooled is FAR from fun. I've been Homeschooled since the second grade, and it is so depressing.
It's great for the first 3 months, and then reality hits.

Basically, you oversleep every morning because what's the sense of waking up early unless you want to be stuck watching some Weather Channel. And then you do schoolwork for 1-3 hours.

Then after that there's nothing left to do except sit on the couch and watch TV for HOURS. ON. END. And go on Urban Dictonary and Facebook and eat junk food.

And eventually, you get so lonely that you go online and join every social network site possible, and then meet a bunch of online friends that you will never meet but you don't care because YOU WANT SOMEONE TO TALK TO! And that's basically your only social life. The computer. Social Network Sites. Online friends. And Cyber Bullying.

What a life...
And if your a failure at school, your Mom spends 30 minutes screaming at you about how you should atchually pay attention to your work and do it better and then you end up getting grounded, leaving you back to watching endless hours of TV and eating.

The ONLY way to get away from your parents and crazy family is to pretty much lock yourself in your bedroom or go for a walk.
So yeah, if you want to spend your teenage years depressed, lonely, lazy, and bored, I highly reccomend you DO NOT BECOME HOMESCHOOLED!
''Ha. Look at that suicidal girl, she must of been homeschooled''.
by Skinnychick August 23, 2011
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the worst thing ever that will have you depressed in your teenage years, locked up in your room and crying yourself asleep. i am homeschooled and now i see no point in waking up every day.
lucille: hey so how is school going?
me: pretty good. exept for the fact that i havent any friends, my mom yells at me all day and so does my dad, i am bored most of the time, i hate my life, i will never have decent social skills or a boyfriend or go to parties, i cannot go to school because my dad says it is a horrible slow paced world in there, i can never escape my mom ect...
lucille: well that sounds nice... thats what you get for being homeschooled.
me: i hate you sooo much right now.
by octopusthighs November 16, 2011
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A different way to be educated that people may choose dud to disagreeing with the education system or bullying from it. It has its pros and cons like normal school does. But it can/has helped many people.

Pro - schedule under your control, time to do what you want, free from nasty teachers or students, no homework, no cafeteria food

Cons - never experiencing a normal childhood/teenage hood, possible bullying for not going to school, may have a harder time getting into a college, harder to make friends

Conclusion - it depends on the person, I wish I would've chosen to go to school so I could experience a normal teenagehood

but that includes possible bullying, toxic/fake friends, constantly overwhelmed and overworked etc so weigh out the pros and cons before deciding to change anything.
Homeschool is just a different way of being educated, get over it
by A girl who likes cats March 25, 2022
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