An imaginary unavailable material used humourously to solve otherwise impossible problems; an item of unaffordable price.
Of course, it would have to be made of pure unobtainium to work.
by Peter Baird August 17, 2003
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the rarest of ALL elements unexistent everywhere in today's world you'll NEVER be able to aquire some nobody has any at all it's undoable
as the chief procurator here, I've searched the net, scoured the collectors inventories boggled my mind far and wide, but struck out bro your frosted, translucent, illumuinated silk-ma~che 12vdc /12ft long stringer of dingo balls must have been made of unobtainium they're nowhere to be found damn!
by grzly February 28, 2009
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Word originated around Sport Car Racing in the North Texas area in the mid '70s. We referred to "cheater" sport car motors as having unobtainium parts that the average person could not get, but I like the way it is used in #1.
When the Porsche blew the transaxle, there was unobtainium all over the track.
by Bill Stafford May 8, 2006
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Term used by engineers and hobbyists to define a material that is extremely hard to obtain.
-Space rockets are mostly made of unobtainium.
-There are so many conflicts in Africa due to the presence of unobtainium in the ground.
-Your CNC machine will crash only when you machine this one piece of unobtainium. Of course, you do not have enough to make a new piece.

A piece of shitanium that got broken will magically turn into unobtainium if you look for a replacement (Thus making it extremely expensive, even if you found one)
by MisterLebowski August 24, 2013
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an expensive, new fangled space age wonder material
The automobile is made of the finest unobtainium.
by Paul Keable April 24, 2003
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the gayest word ever created
Joey used the word "unobtainium", so everyone kicked his ass and lit him on fire.
by 34 May 9, 2006
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