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An imaginary unavailable material used humourously to solve otherwise impossible problems; an item of unaffordable price.
Of course, it would have to be made of pure unobtainium to work.
by Peter Baird August 16, 2003
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The fictional element of a (person's) personality which makes them out of reach for either friendship, courtship, or a relationship.
She is 100% un-obtainium. She will never get involved with you.
by Orlando Orlando Furioso August 21, 2010
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the rarest of ALL elements unexistent everywhere in today's world you'll NEVER be able to aquire some nobody has any at all it's undoable
as the chief procurator here, I've searched the net, scoured the collectors inventories boggled my mind far and wide, but struck out bro your frosted, translucent, illumuinated silk-ma~che 12vdc /12ft long stringer of dingo balls must have been made of unobtainium they're nowhere to be found damn!
by grzly February 27, 2009
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Word originated around Sport Car Racing in the North Texas area in the mid '70s. We referred to "cheater" sport car motors as having unobtainium parts that the average person could not get, but I like the way it is used in #1.
When the Porsche blew the transaxle, there was unobtainium all over the track.
by Bill Stafford May 08, 2006
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A substance that can be melted down into liquid and used as a fuel, weaponized, or used for more than any resource on earth. Many people would have a financial interest in it if it could be found, since having it would be a lot like having control of gold, oil, and nuclear weapons all in one substance.
Once humans found the unobtainium on Pandora, people living in Pandora neighborhoods started selling their houses cheap. Blue people called humans speciesist/human racist in the later additions/sequels to avatar when a planet wide war broke out at the same time as a planet wide famine, plaque, and natural disasters on Pandora. Humans started asking other humans for donations to support their organizations for saving Pandorian food, children, elderly persecuted, and animal life. There was also cheap Pandorian real estate available for humans who wanted to own property in another planet.
by Solid Mantis May 30, 2019
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