This crazy rock-like substance that is "hard to get" without shedding a lot of blue blood (but not Blue-Blood) used in the movie Avitar to make smart, thinking people perseverate on this STUPID word for the entire film.
Can you believe those morons who wrote/directed such a creative film were unable to come up with a better word than "unobtainium?" Who came up with this, are they still finding work writing? Are they kicking themselves? What happened to words like kryptonite?
by The Fig January 31, 2010
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Referring to a person, place or thing that will never happen.
"He took her out to dinner three times, but she turned out to be unobtainium."
by MontanaBlueDog December 18, 2009
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The universal scapegoat fictional "metal" that sic-fi filmmakers love to use when they are out of creative juices.
"What kind of metal is this?"...
"Well, it's real name has thirty-seven syllables. I just call it Unobtainium."
by Sammyclamm July 07, 2015
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Term used by engineers and hobbyists to define a material that is extremely hard to obtain.
-Space rockets are mostly made of unobtainium.
-There are so many conflicts in Africa due to the presence of unobtainium in the ground.
-Your CNC machine will crash only when you machine this one piece of unobtainium. Of course, you do not have enough to make a new piece.

A piece of shitanium that got broken will magically turn into unobtainium if you look for a replacement (Thus making it extremely expensive, even if you found one)
by MisterLebowski August 24, 2013
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the gayest word ever created
Joey used the word "unobtainium", so everyone kicked his ass and lit him on fire.
by 34 May 09, 2006
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