Harder, more expensive, and less fun than a normal, less pompous college.

Also a great place to breed racist thoughts toward asians, arabs, and indians; all of whom are considerable population groups and all of which are annoying and easily defeat whitey in the classroom.

Finally, don't expect to get laid much at university because the only girls who go there are the awkward, ugly, or otherwise socially inept girls who have given themselves over the the book long ago.

And once you graduate, you scramble for a job against thousands of similar candidates from other universities, ultimately landing an underpaying job you don't like to pay off your $150,000 debt.
Just because you get accepted to university doesn't mean you should go.
by Indomitable798 October 03, 2010
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colleges, plural of university
"What universities are you applying for?"

"Penn State, Harvard and New York"
by mnmsscasd June 19, 2008
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the prestigious prepatory school which boasts records in the academic and athletic areas unmatched by so-called "rival" schools
peace and happiness, no hating on other schools
by unirules June 02, 2004
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A school for lazy knobs and skanks who don't want to do manual labour work,who's parents have too much money and not enough time for their kids while making more money.
Here we have a useless University knob trying to tell people how to do jobs they have no idea about
by Count mein April 28, 2019
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