1. States the position and momentum of a particle cannot be simultaneously measured with arbitrarily high precision. This is a crucial concept that is a part of quantum mechanics

2. The modern-day version states to never judge a girl's looks from a distance greater than or equal to 50 feet.
The uncertainty principle seems very straightforward.

Man, I was drunk last night at the party and the uncertainty principle totally slipped my mind. I swore he looked like a girl.
by PVD October 05, 2004
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Combination of "Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle" and "bro." A bro cannot be both a bro and a boyfriend/husband at the same time. If he's with other bros, he acts one way: usually vulgar and rude. If he's with his girlfriend/wife, he acts another way: sweet and charming. He can never act exactly like a bro if he is with both bros and his girlfriend or wife.
One often observes the Heisenbro Uncertainty Principle at weddings.
by Ae5Ea8 March 02, 2015
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As it becomes widely known that a particular search returns few or no hits, that will cease to be the case.

A take on the Heisenberg uncertainty principle, it really is more closely related to the Observer Effect but due to conflation of these terms (and having been coined already on many sites) it is known as Internet Uncertainty Principle.. Tho really, Internet Observer Effect is a much better imo >_>
huh? this quote i found online says that googling for absolute+zero+lesbians yields 0 results, but i get several hundred... what gives????
The answer is Internet Uncertainty Principle
by erroris September 18, 2008
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This law of nature states that if you see a gross bug in your room and it crawls out of sight, it could be anywhere in the room. It follows that there is a significant possibility it could be about to crawl onto you, and this fact will eventually freak you out.

Borrowed from the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, which states that both the position and momentum of an electron cannot be known.
I just saw a spider go behind the desk, and by the Hiding Bug Uncertainty Principle it could come out of nowhere and crawl on me at any moment.
by stankin' charlie September 29, 2011
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A large mass of gay, L, and a smaller, yet more concentrated one, C, will always cancel out the straightness of any 2 heterosexuals, J and G, within 50 feet of the affected homo area.
Based on evidence provided by the Gender Uncertainty Principle, those gay dudes over there are more gay than we are straight, as proven in this formula : LC > JG.
by Awesumness February 11, 2007
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That feeling of dread one gets when they are fearful of leaving their house because Big Time Rush will be having a live concert in their front yard.
Guy: Do you want to go out later?
Girl: No, I can't leave my house because of the Big Time Rush Uncertainty Principle.
by Mediocretes January 04, 2019
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If two things are about 50% the same, they are as good as being the same thing, as quoted by GuanZhe
What did you say? You're gonna kill him? I heard you're gonna kiss him... meh, by GuanZhe's uncertainty principle, they both start with 'K-I', it's as good as the same thing.
by Reverse Godzilla November 07, 2020
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