most important topic, work, project, idea, concept, etc; in 'queue' to be addressed immediately!!
i wanted to 'crack that crotch' HERE AND NOW!

lets' discuss that topic here and now!!

addressing that here and now would be wise!!
by michael foolsley January 8, 2010
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A romantic relationship based in the present time between two people who choose to enjoy and love each other, without looking back at past relationships and without allowing baggage to cloud the enjoyment of the here and now relationship. The here and now relationship excludes future marriage proposals, excludes long-term expectations and excludes mutual goal planning as a couple. The here and now relationship is accepting of each other, is committed but the couple chooses to keep focused on today, not the past and not the future. The here and now relationship has the freedom to evolve into a permanent relationship if the couple chooses and the opposite is true, it has a downside potential risk of one person wanting more and chooses to terminate that relationship.
1. The woman at the party asked me if we were thinking of marriage, I told her we have a “here and now relationship
2. A couple who accept their obligations may prohibit them from developing a permanent relationship as in one person moves to east coast and the other stays on the west coast, they are happy to engage in a “here and now relationship” until the obligation surfaces.
3. My mate is uncertain if I am the one for him. We both love each other and enjoy being together. I am accepting of a “here and now relationship” but he is at risk of losing me if I decide I want more.
by LPMcG February 3, 2012
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This phrase was first spoken in a state of half consciousness without any thought. So when someone says something that's supposedly makes sense for them in that point in time but it doesn't make sense to you, you can use the phrase "here bere now ."
M: I thought you were in pain.
C: Yup. But it looks cute so it’s fine.
M: here bere now .
by s1keman May 5, 2022
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A term for getting high - A term you can use to tell your friends during public events or even in front of teachers that you are high.
Hunter: Dude are you here right now?
Me: Naw man I'm Soooo not here right now
by Undead Puppy October 27, 2010
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A phrase used by myself when playing trivial pursuit. Basically meaning hey fuck you ....
Jeri:Damnit you just got the green wedge
Me: "Here's a quarter now blow me"
by ErikTheBeast February 21, 2006
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you were ugly than had a big glow up and got a better type
you were here now your there so i did better
by factors March 29, 2022
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