11 definitions by chowman

It says "the chewy mint" on the front of the fruit mentos but when you eat it, its not a mint at all!

I'm gonna sue the dudes who make mentos for saying the fruit mentos are mints.
by chowman February 28, 2007
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What every 8th grader comes across in Social Studies.
"Give my liberty or give my death! BITCH"

Patrick Henry owns you all.
by chowman November 08, 2006
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number 1 = taking a leak

number 2 = taking a dump

number 3 = spilling your seed
by chowman November 06, 2006
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Scientific Term.

It means Parts Per Million.
What does ppm mean?

See Above.
by chowman November 09, 2006
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People think it's crappy.

But their puny brains cannot figure out that it is not the genre of this music that is crappy, but acually the gay rappers that ruin the genre are.

50 cent is one example of a idiot who ruins rap.
by chowman November 08, 2006
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