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Universalism aka “The Universal Truth” is the awareness that all things flow together. That all pursuits should be for the good of people to preserve the natural order of existence.

It does not support, nor reject the belief of god(s), but only if it is so, it is a part of The Universal Truth. In regards to religions, all would simply be different paths to the same destination. Universalism is seeing that all humanity and life is connected through a cosmic tapestry of existence for the purpose to exist in harmony with nature.

Universalism tends to favor anything that exists naturally, for example, reincarnation is favorable but not an absolute, because life is born, lives, dies but to only be reborn the next spring as flowers bloom. This pattern can be seen in stars as well. Much so is true with the Universe is true for us on some level. Universalism tends to favor spiritual life as an awareness that can be reborn and the illusion is that only the brain is creating consciousness.

Universalism can be a philosophical truth to atheists as well as religious alike, it's only preference is to those who bring the most freedom, peace and love to others. Universalism endorses free will as long as it does not bring harm to others. The only enemy of Universalism is to destroy what nature has created through evolution.

As far as Universalism is concerned, the meaning of life is to be one with others and to advance supreme happiness on Earth with each other. Being one with all that is
"We are star children, birthed from the stars, so shall we return some day, for which is a Universal Truth of Universalism."
by Roxass December 25, 2009
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The notion of the Universal fatherhood of God (meaning we literally ARE his children) and the total salvation of all souls (meaning Hell is temporary). not to be confused with pantheism.
Jesus loves you, but I think your an asshole, but at least he still loves you.(Though I still think your an asshole), this is the simplist example of Universalism that I could think of.
by Some guy named Darius September 28, 2006
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