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To disregard one's own culture is to be whitewashed. You do this in order to make way for a new culture. Just as you whitewash a wall to remove the original color, you then paint it a new color. White wash is to make way for something new.
The Irishman moved to Japan and became white washed and then adopted a new culture to him.
by Roxass September 1, 2015
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In dysfunctional families, abandonment culture takes on many forms of abandoning family members rather than having a sense of compassion, love and responsibility for one another. Abandonment culture can also be a part of society as a whole, having no sense of social responsibility for people living in poverty, homelessness, etc...
"We dropped grandma off at the nursing home because she's getting old. We're keeping abandonment culture alive and well."
"Your brother is down on his luck and is facing homelessness? He can't live with us, keeping abandonment culture strong."
"You're about to turn 18, we have no sense of family so I have to kick you out now as abandonment culture is a part of this defective family."
"You're pregnant, don't expect me to be there for this child. I plan on establishing abandonment culture in this family immediately."
by Roxass February 15, 2014
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Universalism aka “The Universal Truth” is the awareness that all things flow together. That all pursuits should be for the good of people to preserve the natural order of existence.

It does not support, nor reject the belief of god(s), but only if it is so, it is a part of The Universal Truth. In regards to religions, all would simply be different paths to the same destination. Universalism is seeing that all humanity and life is connected through a cosmic tapestry of existence for the purpose to exist in harmony with nature.

Universalism tends to favor anything that exists naturally, for example, reincarnation is favorable but not an absolute, because life is born, lives, dies but to only be reborn the next spring as flowers bloom. This pattern can be seen in stars as well. Much so is true with the Universe is true for us on some level. Universalism tends to favor spiritual life as an awareness that can be reborn and the illusion is that only the brain is creating consciousness.

Universalism can be a philosophical truth to atheists as well as religious alike, it's only preference is to those who bring the most freedom, peace and love to others. Universalism endorses free will as long as it does not bring harm to others. The only enemy of Universalism is to destroy what nature has created through evolution.

As far as Universalism is concerned, the meaning of life is to be one with others and to advance supreme happiness on Earth with each other. Being one with all that is
"We are star children, birthed from the stars, so shall we return some day, for which is a Universal Truth of Universalism."
by Roxass December 25, 2009
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Sweetness is a playful affectionate name for someone close to you. Sweetness plays off the terms sweet (cool/awesome) and sweety (loving/caring person).

There is a specific way to say sweetness. You must always nod your head (as if saying hello), along with an elongated blink of the eyes, while pouting out your lips slightly. Always proceed with a tight hug afterwards. Sweetness is a powerful verbal aphrodisiac and should be used sparingly!

It can be used in two ways.

1. It can be used in a sexy manner towards someone you find sexually alluring.

2. It can be used in a playful manner towards a close friend.
What's up sweetness?
by Roxass October 7, 2006
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