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A group of pretty boys that have fairly decent songs, but their fan base is cancer. Their fanbase is basically those ugly, nerdy, and Anti social Asians. See Eugena ! If you don’t want to be made fun of, then don’t FW BTS. Normal people listen to Rap, or Country
BTS is a bunch of BS
by Chad Wellington the 3rd January 3, 2019
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Someone who isn’t necessarily built or thick but their face is very very attractive in a cute way.

What separates adorable from cute is that adorable people make you smile with their good looks, smile,personality,innocence, and their laugh that just makes you warm and fuzzy inside. If someone is adorable they are very cute, but they also have that IT FACTOR that makes you go Awww!!
Emma Watson is very Adorable despite her being an SJW
by Chad Wellington the 3rd January 3, 2019
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1- Impossibly Ugly- Nobody is this ugly

2- Lowest Ugly- Very Very Ugly. Only about 1-2 percent of the population is this ugly
3- Plain Ugly- Someone who was born ugly

4- Unattractive- someone who is still ugly but not horrendously ugly.
5- Average- someone who is neither ugly or attractive and just “fits in”

6- Slightly Above Average- someonewho you aren’t necessarily attracted to but is above what is considered average.

7- Cute/ adorable- No Major Features but is still attractive. Mildly Attractive
8- Good Looking/ Pretty- Someone most people would consider attractive. They have a nice face, and are relatively in shape.

8.5- Handsome/ Beautiful- Almost Everone agrees they are attractive and are genetically blessed. They are basically very good looking. Someone that is/ looks like they should model are in this category.
9- Hot- someone you’d want to smash in an instant. They have a banging body, and a handsome/ beautiful face. A nine can become an 8.5 if they stop working out.

9.1- 9.9- Gorgeous- This person has 99 percent of everything going for them. These are usually pagent girls, or the male equivalent. They scream HOTTTT, and are so desirable. Just like a 2, very very few people can be in this category.

10- Perfection- Something that is possible unlike a 1, and has the same physical traits as a 9.9 but are super sweet, loyal, and not a gold digger.
The 1-10 rating scale is all subjective, as beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
by Chad Wellington the 3rd January 2, 2019
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Used When a person is named Joe (usually a male, but there are females named Joe) who is attractive, and cannot fall into the Average Joe stereotype because their looks exceed the average person.
Thot 1: Omg that dude Joe in our Bio class is cute af, I would make out with him in front of my friends just to brag ;)
Thot 2: Omg yasss he’s what we call an Above Average Joe
Both Thots: Sighhhh he sooo cute awww
by Chad Wellington the 3rd January 26, 2019
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A game that can save or cripple the halo series.

Halo Infinite is being developed by 343 industries and takes place after the events of halo 5 guardians.

As seen at e3 2018, halo infinite features the iconic art style that halo fans love. The music that played during the trailer was nostalgic,and gave the viewers a sense of hope.
What will ruin the game is the advanced mobility that was seen in the previous title, and Microtransactions such as Req Packs.

The game’s release date is unknown as of now, but many people believe it to release Fall 2019, or Fall 2020.
Halo Infinite gives me hope for the future
by Chad Wellington the 3rd January 3, 2019
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Good looking

What your momma or grandma calls you to not only boost their own ego, but to put you on a pedestal

What a girl would call you if she genuinely thinks you are good looking, but she sees you more as a buddy, friend, or even worse her Best Friend!
Lesbians will call very good looking guys this because they have nothing to lose complimenting because they aren’t interested in men.

Now If you are a woman... well they could just mean that you are beautiful (If the compliment was given by an older individual)
Orrr you have a masculine face with a manly jawline... Oof
Melvin: I’m sooo ugly

Molly: You are handsome... shut up best friend!

Also molly: Hey Melvin who’s your friend Brad... he’s sooo hot!

Melvin: Then what am I!?
Molly: Handsome.

Melvin: ..........
by Chad Wellington the 3rd January 26, 2019
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A weirdly attractive actor who doesn’t scream Brad Pitt Handsome, but is Handsome in his own way. He’s someone that is way out of your league, but isn’t far from the societal norm. He’s sorta like that good looking middle aged man that was your neighbor. See Sexly
Hank Azaria is fine af
by Chad Wellington the 3rd January 4, 2019
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