Tuscan is the official language of Italy, San Marino and Switzerland. It is the real name of what is commonly known as Italian. In the Italic Peninsula many dialects of Latin appeared and the Tuscan dialect spoken in Florence became the official language of the whole Italian territory.
Unfortunately, due to the European nationalism it started to be called "Italian".
Ezekiel: Hey, Luca, I've been told that your grandpa is Italian.
Luca: Hehe, yes. Did my father tell you about it?
Ezekiel: Yes, he did.
Luca: Well, you now know why I have been christened with a Tuscan name.
by Ezechiel August 17, 2006
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The most amazing guy I have ever met in my whole life. The way he cares about everyone is so rare to find in a person. He is the most handsome, funny, cute and loving male I have come across. Tuscan is the definition of perfection. <3
Ashley LOVES Tuscan
by ashley.47654 October 15, 2011
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Upon completion of the defication ritual, a Tuscan Mudslide is the experience of having a tenacious amount of poop residue left on the anus, thus having to wipe a tremendous amount until the buttocks has used up a weeks ration of toilet paper.
"After his big sticky dump, Joel was telling Curtis about how much his anus was bleeding after he was done wiping. Curtis knew that Joel had just experienced a Tuscan Mudslide."

"It was as if I was just wiping a piece of toilet paper across a brown sharpie. That was a rough Tuscan Mudslide."
by Moosehead88 February 18, 2015
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When two italian guys, preferably from Tuscany, give a girl a facial on a really hot summer day, resulting in the jizz spreading and heating up on her face.
Guido 1: Oh man, Tony and I hung out with this girl the other day and tag teamed her, ended in a huge facial.
Guido 2: Holy shit, it was so hot yesterday, you must have given her a mean Tuscan Melt
by jlove6182 May 29, 2009
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When a bunch of gay males have anal sex forming a conected circle
"Hey Don, wanna call up some buddies and get a Tuscan Busride going?"
by marcus oneil November 26, 2007
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Tuscan Mule: (Eng. 20th Cent.) - A chain of sexual moves beginning with a butt fuck followed by a blow job with full inversion of bodily fluids. Basically you are BF'ing you special lady friend and cop a pull out like you are going to blow the load, switch ends for the BJ and pull a fluid inversion, instead of spunk she gets piss, and the exclamation point is the up-the-nose-shot for that jumped in the pool with the acidity of piss in the sinus burn. If she comes back for more, you got a keeper.
Dude, that chick got wasted at the party, and Phil and Wes both pulled Tuscan Mules on her. She needed 4 rolls of paper towels and a pressure washer to clean up.
by Wing Commander November 29, 2005
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The action of draping ones scrotum over the bridge of the nose of the recipient, so the testes are shielding the eyeballs. Best used when said recipient is sleeping.
My cousin in law used Tuscan Sunglasses to shield his wife from evil dreams.
by goodat March 18, 2010
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