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I still can't find bin laden, he has been killing innocent people for years, but still.
by Spillings2 April 14, 2015
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The process of searching a building for an empty bathroom. A successful bowl search typically relieves the frustration of uncomftorably defecating around others, although in less frequent cases the desire to urinate alone is a factor. Bowl searching can be done anywhere although it is most prevelant on college campuses.
"In college I did a lot of bowl searching."

"Sam went to the bathroom like 20 minutes ago. Jeez, what's taking so long?"

"He's probably bowl searching."
by A bowl searcher June 06, 2011
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a drink containing two shots and a splash of water
Navy Seal walks into a bar and asks the bartender for a bin Laden. The bartender says he doesn't know how to make that drink. The Seal says "oh it's easy, it's just two shots and a splash of water."
by thatguy530 June 12, 2011
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The act of cautiously releasing a bloody turd into the toilet much like the way Bin Laden was dumped into the ocean
Upon waking up the morning after a long night of eating super nuclear chicken wings and broken glass, I was nearly crying as I released a nasty bin laden.
by CAPT_DOMM May 13, 2011
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An alcoholic beverage consisting of two shots (your choice) and a splash of water.
Bob: John, are you going to be able to drive home?
John: I don't think so, those BinLadens kicked my ass.
by Godofimmortality May 04, 2011
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In golf, the act of a shot traveling from a bunker into the water.
"Dude, your ball went from the bunker into the water hazard. Nice bin Laden, dude."
by Kurt the knife September 26, 2011
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Strain of marijuana. Usually light christmas tree color of green with (possibly) some crystals or lite white frost effect to it. Origins are actually from canada!
Yo man i lit up some bin laden last night! It was some bomb ass shit!
by Aaron .S. February 18, 2006
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