I still can't find bin laden, he has been killing innocent people for years, but still.
by Spillings2 April 14, 2015
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The act of cautiously releasing a bloody turd into the toilet much like the way Bin Laden was dumped into the ocean
Upon waking up the morning after a long night of eating super nuclear chicken wings and broken glass, I was nearly crying as I released a nasty bin laden.
by CAPT_DOMM May 13, 2011
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Three different kinds of weed, all grown together. Alternate: "Laden weed"

Three 6 Mafia - "Bin Laden" (Intro)

"Mane check this shit out we was up in Chicago right
With my nigga big hamp the nigga pass me a blunt
Like 'Smoke this shit nigga this some bin laden weed
Y'all don't know nothing bout this down south'
So I'm like 'What the fuck is bin laden weed?'
And then he says
'Its three different Kinds of weed all grown together
That shit some straight killer
Them Chicago niggaz call it bin laden mane some straight fire"

Who got that hydro?
Who got that light green?
Who got that Bobby brown?
Who got that laden weed?
by Purple Stuff July 15, 2006
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To use a female as a shield in times of danger.
bin Laden hiding behind his wife when SeaLS smoked him.

Pulling a female in front of you right before a flying object hits you ie, a baseball or water balloon.

Wow! That fould ball almost hit me at the baseball game. Luckily I pulled a bin laden and hid behind my wife and it hit her instead.
by ws156 May 30, 2011
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a 500 EURO note.. basically because you very very rarely see them
"hey can you lend me a Bin Laden.. i just need to go and buy some smokes"
by rizzi5445 September 7, 2011
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Adjective synonymous with crappy, awful, bad.
Hows your day going? I've been at work since six in the morning, its bin laden.
by Nader H. May 9, 2008
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1. Describing something in a negative manner.
2. An insult towards an individual, an object, place, event, or anything.

1. An error, a mistake, or a wrong-doing.
A: "Yo, that club was bin laden!"
B: "Word."

A: "Why you always gotta be a bin laden fool?"
B: "Fuck you!"

A: "Fuck, I made a bin laden."
B: "You sure did, now fix it."
by nanite May 17, 2005
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