a drink containing two shots and a splash of water
Navy Seal walks into a bar and asks the bartender for a bin Laden. The bartender says he doesn't know how to make that drink. The Seal says "oh it's easy, it's just two shots and a splash of water."
by thatguy530 June 12, 2011
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The act of cautiously releasing a bloody turd into the toilet much like the way Bin Laden was dumped into the ocean
Upon waking up the morning after a long night of eating super nuclear chicken wings and broken glass, I was nearly crying as I released a nasty bin laden.
by CAPT_DOMM May 13, 2011
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An alcoholic beverage consisting of two shots (your choice) and a splash of water.
Bob: John, are you going to be able to drive home?
John: I don't think so, those BinLadens kicked my ass.
by Godofimmortality May 04, 2011
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In golf, the act of a shot traveling from a bunker into the water.
"Dude, your ball went from the bunker into the water hazard. Nice bin Laden, dude."
by Kurt the knife September 26, 2011
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Strain of marijuana. Usually light christmas tree color of green with (possibly) some crystals or lite white frost effect to it. Origins are actually from canada!
Yo man i lit up some bin laden last night! It was some bomb ass shit!
by Aaron .S. February 18, 2006
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Three different kinds of weed, all grown together. Alternate: "Laden weed"

Three 6 Mafia - "Bin Laden" (Intro)

"Mane check this shit out we was up in Chicago right
With my nigga big hamp the nigga pass me a blunt
Like 'Smoke this shit nigga this some bin laden weed
Y'all don't know nothing bout this down south'
So I'm like 'What the fuck is bin laden weed?'
And then he says
'Its three different Kinds of weed all grown together
That shit some straight killer
Them Chicago niggaz call it bin laden mane some straight fire"

Who got that hydro?
Who got that light green?
Who got that Bobby brown?
Who got that laden weed?
by Purple Stuff July 15, 2006
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