1. Being physically uncoordinated
2. Being otherwise clumsy in any respect
1. You're too unco to play soccer
2. You're so unco, you can't even beat tetris
by neo April 21, 2004
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sum 1 hu is so bad at catching, throwing, kicking, playing basketball, etc.
if a person were to kick a ball and the ball goes in the other direction yiu say...

wat a fucking unco nigga
by uncofrog August 27, 2006
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1. Lacking physical or mental coordination.
2. Lacking planning, method, or organization.

In other words: Anyone, but usually a girl or funboy who has the inability to kick a football or throw a ball without looking like a complete retard.
While playing golf in your front room your mate puts the ball through your mums brand new double-glazed windows at which point you say "are you unco or what?"

After noticing a drunken lass has her mini skirt tucked into the back of her g-string and is presenting her ass cheeks to the rest of the world you turn to your mates and say "that lass is well unco"
by yyan December 19, 2005
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Uncoordinated ... n00b ... pwned regularly in gaming.
Pixie is UNCO.
Hell Salo IS NOT UNCO.
by Hell Salo October 20, 2005
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One who is lacking in any form of coordination whatsoever
by pixie January 22, 2003
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to fall over, stumble, trip constantly
Dani is filled with so much unconess
by Dani September 28, 2003
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A company that is smart and usually goes with the popular trend.
Unco Tech and Business Solutions is the best business consultancy firm you can ask for.
by Detectivedink November 25, 2021
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