A Ukrainian term for a salt-cured pork fat.
She made us salo sandwiches that we washed down with beer.
by Symonsky May 21, 2017
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A powerful god that says "turn around" alot, and has the forces to do anything.
It was a dark, stormy night in Mexico City. The children were starved and some were homeless. There was only one man left selling oranges on the corner. Exactly at midnight, Salo came from the heavens and bellowed in his mighty voice, "LET THERE BE SALO!!!!!." All the people crawled out of their "houses" and witnessed Salo make crops arise from the bug ridden earth. The Mexicans cheered as they were able to eat once again. America should allow the Mexicans across the border to find the one we call GOD
by Thee Word Creator May 08, 2010
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Salo oneof the hottest and fastest human's you ever gonna meet in your life. There are 10 salo's al over the world.
by Onethatmatter November 03, 2020
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The name that is given to someone who kidnaps children and keeps them kidnapped in their basement
-Have you seen Damien?

-No, maybe Salos Boulos got to him!
by Moco_Sp October 01, 2019
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A piece of shit, a turd.
Derived from a scene from Pier Paolo Pasolini's 1975 classic movie; Salo (The 120 Days of Sodom).
I might leave this one up to the editors.
by David Sutherland November 11, 2003
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Guy #1: Hey you know Anthony Salo?
Guy #2: Oh yea that prenut faggot?
Guy #1: Yea that retarded sack of shit.
by the fortnite man November 12, 2019
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