A word used by one kid when another kid does something bad.
Umbers! I'm gonna tell the teacher.
by vinreo April 28, 2005
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A hot, sexy , pretty girl! Who is smart and can win anyones heart <3 tall and always make a guy come back for more ;) hecka good at dancing & is hecka fine! Super good looking! Good in bed...just like one of definitions of Amit...
That girl is an Umber
by <3 me or hate me June 22, 2010
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Really pretty funny sweet and smart girl. She never starts fights p, she is really sweet and is always there for you as a grat friend! She is sooo sexy and so pretty and sexy especially in her ''bellly tops'', her cheerleading stuff and shorts,
Damn that girl is such am umber
by Omgitsmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee November 26, 2013
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A flaiming furry homosexual.
That guy is SUCH an umber
by SomeVee April 22, 2005
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erotically retarded.
retarded in the way that you don't understand erotic situations.
created by ant <3
dude 1 - "oh look, cleavage."
dude 2 - "thats boobs, not cleavage. dumbass."
dude 1 - "you umber."
by umberest. August 10, 2010
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A coded method of relating that one needs to defecate. See also amber alert.
Woman:(driving) We need to pull over some place clean.
Man: Umber Alert?
Woman: Word.
by twunch March 25, 2007
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