The male in a yaoi relationship that's usually the bottom, and recieves it instead of giving it.
Rei Ryugazaki.
"Oh man, he's totally a uke!"
"As uke as Rei Ryugazaki? Impossible!"
by Aurora Flynn December 12, 2014
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partner on bottom, submissive one in relationship , usually younger and less experienced the the seme
by blah November 9, 2003
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The Japanese term for the partner on the bottom. Used in conjunction with seme and yaoi.
by Alyson April 1, 2003
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Often referring to yaoi manga, ukes are usually the bottom ones. Opposite of semes, ukes are usually cute, has less experience with sex, kind, those kinds of things.
Some people are fitting more as ukes.
by MisaTange August 18, 2009
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The original meaning of uke is one of two training partners in martial arts. The tori is the partner performing a technique, and the uke is the partner receiving the technique.
When training judo, each partner takes turns being tori and uke.
by Swoleness February 13, 2023
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An uke is the bottom in a (usually male relationships) that receives in anal sex. (////)
by ThatFujoshi November 9, 2020
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The person on "bottom" or the submissive person during intercourse. Contrary to popular belief, this word is not always associated with sonen-ai or the likes thereof.
"During sex with my girlfriend, I am usually seme"
by AJ and Jimmy November 15, 2003
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