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A person that is brainwashed by his/her College Professors into leaving the USA and moving to Canada to avoid military service.
Rodney left the country and moved to Canada to avoid the Viet Nam war. Rodney has been in Canada for the past 35 years and can not come back to the USA because he is a draft dodger and will be arrested. The Professor is still at the same College working against the USA.
by takethathill August 13, 2006
Formerly called Jungles, but the PC crowd (liberals) decided Jungles was a bad word. Brings to mind black people running around naked swinging through trees. Rain forest on the other hand makes us think of tall magnificent trees, beautiful flowers and friendly animals.
Lets go for a walk in the rain forest.
This sux, the bugs are eating me up in this rain forest.
Tarzin don't live in the Jungle, you fool, he lives in the the rain forest.
I liked the Jungle better, it rains all the time in this rain forest.
I live in the Urban rain forest right next to the KFC.
by takethathill August 19, 2006
Black leaders is a term used for the leader of the Black people in the USA. The two most commonly named black leaders in the USA are Al Sharpton & Jesse Jackson. Both are reverend
Black leaders are to Black people in the USA as Indian Chiefs are to Indians in the USA.
by takethathill August 27, 2006
Randy Rhodes is a radio talk show host on Air America. She has very liberal points of view. She is kinda cute. The problem is no one can listen to her anger for any more than about 5 minutes. She has huge anger management issues.
Last I heard Randy Rhodes was still on Air America.
Air America appears to be in big trouble.
by takethathill August 20, 2006
George W. Bush is the 43rd president of the United States(2006). GWB will go down as the president that opened the United States gates wide to the Mexicans and South Americans. The USA now has by some estimates 12 million Mexicans. It is estimated that by 2050 the USA will have 100 million Mexicans (8 times what the USA has now) , legal and illegal. Since Mexicans have 6-8 children within the next 25 years (2075) the USA will be 65% Mexican, 23% White, and the remainder other races. The USA is becoming a 3rd World country at a rapid rate.
by takethathill August 21, 2006
Fifth column is a group of people invading a country in a stealthy way. If everything goes well in a period of time the numbers outweigh the native people then the fifth column rise up and and take over the territory or country.
Fifth column examples: Muslims into England, Spain & France. Mexicans into the United States, California, Texas & New Mexico. Fall of the Roman Empire.
Mexicans are the fifth column.
by takethathill August 23, 2006