1. A type of corporation with no loyalty to America.
2. Any group guilty of capital treason.
Joe: Didn't Bill Gates just move 500,000 American jobs to India?
John: Yep, multinationals like Microsoft hate America.
by FreedomLover June 17, 2003
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1. A word used by left wing radicals in an attempt to defame globalisation and paint corporations as inheritantly evil.

2. A fancy word used by left wing and environmental radicals to attack and deface private business.

3. Someone in favour of supporting bigger governments with larger tax-payer funded public services.
The multinationals are responsible for taking my small community and making it bigger.

Multinationals only consider their own profit-driven interests.

Multinationals are stripping us of our identity as a society.
by Ashley Elizabeth May 24, 2005
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A girl shoving a shovel up her ass while doing your mother and eating a apple
Betty You dont wanna be a multin do u
by Bill Murray March 31, 2005
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(N.) They core evil of America. They come in the form of Television, which pays actors Millions of dollars for something a four year old could litterally do just as well if not better. (Examples- Friends and Everybody love Raymond.) They also come in the form of Movies, which makes dozens of god-awful movies every year, just for the almighty dollar. ( From Justin to Kelly, LXG, Gigli ) and they come in the most evil form of all, the Music Industry/The RIAA. I tbink we all know how terrible they are. The moral of the story is: Big, Heartless, Multinational Industries suck and only bring the world great pain and suffering.
Nowadays, they even have Heartless Multinational Industries in Video Games. They're the reason that other than Grand Theft Auto, there hasn't been a single good Video Game since 2001. Instead we're stuck with utter monkey sh*t such as Mediocre-at-best X Box games, Recycled Platstation 2 games, and anything on Gamecube/Gamecube itself.
by G-Union October 14, 2003
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