I know. I know. I know.
" Did you know that?"
by DR. DAVIS December 10, 2004
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Used in IM. Means I know.
"Instead of typing three extra letters, I prefer ik."
by UNBIASED TUNER October 20, 2004
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idiot king of FYAD

formerly chosen every week, now the bat king reigns
by Menchi May 29, 2004
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Internet Kid, as used in ageplay. Referred to a person who is actually an adult, but plays a child for an Internet Daddy or Mommy.
by lallet March 4, 2006
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This is similar to the TCP/IP syn response during the setup phases of the 3-way handshake process. This response is specific to MJ-Authentication from the M party.

ik and iag are of the mjml protocal standard

J sends ik to M
M send iag to J

When both parties receive this symmetric key authentication has been performed and communication can safely continue.
by jason2d2 October 5, 2007
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Ike Ike,

Japanese for 'Go, Go'. If you Ike then you feel the power.
"Ike Ike, pretty girl, mini skirt, Ike Ike, high shoes and then you feel the power."
by ash+liz April 30, 2005
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