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Saturnalia is the ancient Roman holiday celebrated around the winter solstice.

It was in praise of the god Saturn, and consisted of a huge drunken orgy.

Another common practice during this festival was the switching of slave and master roles. for one day, all the slave owners gave up their power to their slaves.

the common saying for this festival (ex. merry Christmas) was "Io Saturnalia" pronounced "yo saturnalia."
"hurray, for it is the solstice! Io Saturnalia everyone. Now fetch me some wine and let us get naked."
by emuluver December 24, 2008
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short for "go to bed" often used late at night immediately after someone signs on, or right as u are about to sign out.
*jack signed on at 3:06am*

me: g2b

jack: yeah, ik. so wuts up
by emuluver July 05, 2008
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abbreviation for "good lord"
synonymous with gd(god damn)
gl! wth u learn howda do that!?!?
by emuluver July 20, 2008
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short for "you know" similar to ik(i know)
guy1: remember that skank at the store last week? uk the one i mean

guy2: ...like it was yesterday. XP
by emuluver July 10, 2008
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