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George Orwell, early writer of science fiction.
A narrative or prophesy of events caused by political manipulation, characterised by impersonality and suspicion, and especially by an almost savagely comical dissembling that prevents serious challenge to them on logical grounds.
"The minister's intent, while not exactly Machiavellian, is at least Orwellian.
I might describe it as Gibsonian, but this scheme would result in troubles that would not be mere circumstance, but the work of beaurocratic design."
by Lostgallifreyan January 11, 2005
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A bureaucracy that has become stupid and turns on its citizens to protect its stupidity.

Also used to describe coded language and terms with multiple meanings used by governments or media.
That is Orwellian.
by zos12345 December 17, 2013
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1: A situation that resembles the themes of George Orwell's book 1984, which include but are not limited to: authoritarianism, oppression, poverty, and brainwashing.

2: A perfect name for your slightly overweight cat.

P1: my college exams were Orwellian. you had to miss lunch to study and the professors were yelling at me when i dropped a pencil.

P2: that sucks

P1: dude i got this super fat cat what should i name him

P2: i think Orwellian would be perfect.
by amnesiafranky July 21, 2017
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