1: A situation that resembles the themes of George Orwell's book 1984, which include but are not limited to: authoritarianism, oppression, poverty, and brainwashing.

2: A perfect name for your slightly overweight cat.

P1: my college exams were Orwellian. you had to miss lunch to study and the professors were yelling at me when i dropped a pencil.

P2: that sucks

P1: dude i got this super fat cat what should i name him

P2: i think Orwellian would be perfect.
by amnesiafranky July 21, 2017
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George Orwell, early writer of science fiction.
A narrative or prophesy of events caused by political manipulation, characterised by impersonality and suspicion, and especially by an almost savagely comical dissembling that prevents serious challenge to them on logical grounds.
"The minister's intent, while not exactly Machiavellian, is at least Orwellian.
I might describe it as Gibsonian, but this scheme would result in troubles that would not be mere circumstance, but the work of beaurocratic design."
by Lostgallifreyan January 11, 2005
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Often confused with totalitarian, Orwellian describes deceptive and manipulative use of the English language.
An asshole political leader describing something as Orwellian, when what they mean is totalitarian, is in itself Orwellian.
by FrenchOfFry June 11, 2019
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A bureaucracy that has become stupid and turns on its citizens to protect its stupidity.

Also used to describe coded language and terms with multiple meanings used by governments or media.
That is Orwellian.
by zos12345 December 18, 2013
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Orwellian irony is irony that is explicitly political in nature.

Orwellian irony shows the poverty of the philosophy and history undergirding what some people use as the justifying narrative for their political commitment and it can also be used to categorize people's arguments for or against freedom, liberty, etc. that are disconnected from history, legality, etc.

Orwellian irony is often situational.

Examples include:

A person unaware that the foundations of their self-chosen political identity are based on a misunderstanding of historical events refusing to investigate counter-claims made in an online debate.

A person at a protest claiming to be against government encroachment of rights that then runs away when police start violating their counter-protestors constitutional rights rather than helping.

When an AnCap tries to delegitimize a Socialist's criticisms of the economy by saying: "Well you wrote that on a smartphone, which was made by capitalism" this is an example of Orwellian irony because Leonid Kupriyanovich, a Soviet, invented much of the technology prior to the U.S., but also as much of the technology developed to make this was done by Federally funded research grants.
That a propaganda outlet, TeleSUR, which is managed by a state that has exploited a crisis to silence free press outlets like El Nacional, decided to use a private media outlet, Jacobin, to obfuscate the truth surrounding their brief unpublishing on Facebook and to call for increased government regulation is one of the most perfect examples of Orwellian irony ever.
by AVoyager August 29, 2018
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The Orwellian Right is an ideologically coordinated and well funded group of think tanks, media personalities, as well as print and internet media, which seek to mislead the public by reframing issues in a manner described in George Orwell’s classic book “1984”. In that world Black = White and War = Peace.
After the Reagan tax cuts of 1981, revenues (in constant dollars) did not reach 1981 levels again until 1985. Because irresponsible borrowing to give tax cuts mainly for the wealthy can’t be sold on face value to the Public, the Orwellian Right conveniently ignored the drop in real revenues and redefined the rebound in revenues as “proof” of a Revenue Boom created by the 1981 tax cuts. In reality revenues rose because of natural growth in the economy, inflation, increased defense spending, and two massive Reagan-era take hikes. In the Orwellian world, hundreds of billions in revenue lost over 4 years = a revenue boom.
by ulTRAX December 18, 2009
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A totalitarian head of state such as in Orwell’s classics, “Animal Farm” and “1984.”
I know that my devoted base will ultimately accept that some men such as me, their Orwellian President, are just more equal than others.
by Dr Bunnygirl October 28, 2019
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