a beluga whale who likes baths and drinking, and is best friends with Franklin D. Roosevelt they are such good friends that FDR has seen him in the bath.
history teacher "today we are learning that im very biased to two people and one is the beluga whale, Winston Churchill."
kids "yay!" *throws hands in the air*
by theatrenerd24601 May 23, 2019
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(v). The practice of having alcohol in one's system the entire day, from waking up till bedtime, not a completely hammered level of alcohol, but just enough to make you a wisecracking, World-War-Two winning Briton.
"Guys, this Saturday we're gonna Winston Churchill it starting 9 am."
by it's jules August 27, 2009
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In my opinion, he was the greatest Prime Minister England ever had. He was responsible for the deaths at Gallipoli but he helped England through some its toughest times, I beleive he won World War IIfor england. He forged bonds which help today with many countries such as the USA. He also got a Nobel Peace Prize for literature and many other Prestigous Awards.
Winston Churchill was a kickass Prime Minister
by uneven Martian September 7, 2005
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british leader during WWII, tried covering up for Neville Chamberlain, who fucked up so bad it wasn't funny, then, but now it's fucking hilerious
"would you like some tea?"
"I would, cuz I'm Winston Churchill"
"would you like some crumpets?"
"I would, cuz I'm Winston Churchill"

Peter Griffin
by Scott Blake May 24, 2005
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When a Republican yuppie calls the local press to observe and report on a session of auto-erotic asphyxiation with a paisley tie -the subject of which speaks of "important, meaty things" while pleasuring himself. Known to occur in well-appointed mahogany-paneled law firm offices in major Midwestern U.S. cities.
Andy called up the Star Tribune to let them know he was going to call a meeting of the Winston Churchill Society.
by MaholyNagy July 24, 2010
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After having sex with whomever, that person starts labeling everything.
"So are we,like, dating?"
"Don't Winston Churchill me"
by Mr.Horticulture August 7, 2012
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Hitler but British. far-right racist jackass that supported the use of concentration camps in Africa and wanted to bomb the soviet union during peace times. Helped defeat Hitler in WW2 tho so that's good.
"Winston Churchill was epic"

"Bruh no he was racist af"
by captain jack sparrow345 January 21, 2021
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