Noun ~ (errh)

A word to shout during times of silence. When a noise is needed but no-one wants to talk.

A word used to annoy people/teachers/friends..

Parent - "who was that boy you were with?"
*awkward silence*
Annoying younger brother "UHH!!"
by Mick Warwick November 4, 2006
It is said in a questionable manor, like saying yes? but mumbling. Said by people like Dion Jones
Chris:Paul scholes's movement on the pitch is amazing!
Dion: Uhh?!
Chris: No? Ye?
Dion: Uhh?!
by Chris - Sol May 9, 2008
Gaykumes and god's first word. Best song ever to live. Created by Jah. It is said that it gave this world heat because it's fire.
by thanus' hot bootyhole March 6, 2019
Something that is really bad is about to go down. Extreme danger. Typically screamed or yelled for the whole neighborhood can hear. Originated from the country Haiti.
Jessica is talking to her sister Jojo on the phone. They are talking about this boy that ask her out on a date. Jessica's dad overhears the conversation and implied out loud, "UHH~OH!"
by Fkolby75 June 19, 2009
A filler phrase used by pretentious twits in an attempt to increase the amount of time they can hear their own voice. Only used by the most self-important of people with feigned intelligence.
Well, according to the-umm-uhh hypothesis presented in my superior argument, the interstitial atonality of my voice is umm-uhh extremely irritating. Presently, I should um-uhh terminate my life force after realizing I'm a fucking idiot.
by DreamyCream December 12, 2006
the best youtuber in the world, and a crazy piano tiles player
Guy 1: Yo yo yo bro did you see muh uhh's video about failing no nut november? i really hope he makes an update this year. Guy 2: Yeah me too bro.
by Asshole999 March 30, 2022
something guys say when they gets "excited"
boy: you rocked my world last night
girl: i know. you were all like "Uhh Ahh :)"
by me70777777:) March 12, 2011