Can take the place of any word in the english language. Can be person, place, thing, action, etc.
"Are you coming over tonight?" "uhh."

"What time is the uhh?" "uhh."

"I hope Michael Uhh is done killing dogs"

"Uhh scared, uhh now Im scared"
by meagl July 09, 2013
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When someone asks you something and you don't want to tell them so you just say uhhhhhhhhhh...
My Dad: How come you got 0s on all your homework assignments
Me: uhhhhhh...
by JHONNAY July 11, 2020
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when your having sex its the noises she´ll make
´´uhh go harder´´
by offergang2.0 January 22, 2019
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its the short form from the music band Uh Huh Her. which is run by the talented Camila Grey & Leisha Hailey.
Uh Huh Her UHH
by rockstarparking April 08, 2012
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1. A commonly used sound out of bad habit or to annoy the listener when ones thought has reached an impass.

2. The noise made during "Intercourse" Please see "Intercourse" for more information.

3. A noise created out of pure desperation which can be detected as one of the purest forms of guilt. This definition can possibly be used along side definition 1 and could be mistaken for definition 2.
While my dad questioned me about the drugs in my dresser, I foolishly used "uhh" to seal my fate.
by Chris February 22, 2006
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