An exclamation made to signal complete and utter success. Can be used to compliment vulgarity. Also used to enhance statements.
Jon: I went to club fitness today UHH HEE!!
Mike: UHH-Fucking-HEE me too!
by SharkTestosterone July 20, 2010
Venti is barbie toes and he has a umm what is it called a harp?
Xiao: I found out venti the uhh🤔 is barbie toes

Almond tofu: omg wow
by the genshin simp😍 September 10, 2021
whore, prostitute, promiscious felatius woman. spoken in an italian new jersey accent.
mamas little slut, mamas little whoo-uhh!
by tree hunid May 28, 2010
uhh moans is what one says when he/she is in an awkward situation and dosent know what to say.

uhh moans can also be used to start a conversation by simply texting/snapping someone something with the words “uhh moans” linked to it making it a great way to start a conversation
becky: hey billy did you hear about what joe did to joan yesterday. joe is so hot i want him.
billy: uhhmoans
billy: *texts* uhh moans
becky: hey billy whats up dude
by uhh yeet March 10, 2019
A phrase used by today's caucasian youths. It can be used when the highest level of satisfaction is acheived. Many of the kids who use this phrase have a preppy sense of style and usually attend college prepatory high schools.
Kev: We totally poned the other team last night.
Larry: Uhh...yeah!!!
by Skeeter Fo Reeter November 12, 2006
means uhhhhmmmm well nothing at all i just want this on the internet yeah i rok(spelled wrong) still ummm here uhh duhh
p.s. you have to say it fast
i dont know uhh duhh
by amado February 14, 2005
A weirdo who posts two definitions which are almost identical. See: holy crap
Hi my name is Uhh...Patrick and i'm a goon
by hey steve June 6, 2003