A word used to describe the most awesome and badass motherfucking asian there is.
John : Thien kicked me ass

Well: He is THIEN
by defeswargednjslkg November 06, 2013
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The God of Thienism. Also referred as 'Chua'. You don't fuck with him...he fucks with you.
Double Rainbow Guy: It's a double rainbow!

Thien: No, that's a double pineapple.

Double Rainbow Guy: It's almost looking like a triple rainbow now.

Thien: Hey, titties or get the FUCK out.

Random Japanese Guy: My VCR is broken, and my cwock is still bwinking.

Thien: You don't fuck with me! I fuck with you...
by xChua July 28, 2010
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A Cute, Kind, Beautiful women who takes things to her own liking. She is usually a person who acts how everybody wants to, but not by her own actions. She is a person who tries not to hurt, but does it unintentionally, but still is beautiful. Sweet with her words, kind with her thoughts. Her actions, however, vary from time to time. Just once, when you see a Thien, if your close, she'll be a great companion.
by [______] February 11, 2015
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Thien, usually associated with a racist asian who doesn't like black people. He worships hitler and hates all jews.
Nick:whats up thien, you heard about that black guy who got arrested and hes saying he got framed?
Thien: oh yea i framed him.
Nick:really? thats crazy!
Thien:yes, another victory for white supremacy!
by xXxPressurexX November 16, 2009
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A person who is usually assoiciated with dwarfism and/or weight issues. A Thien will usually have short stature and a really big stomach mass. A Thien can be either a male or female, and in some cases, both. Thiens usually only have one form of defense, to sneeze on a person that they think might harm them. Thiens also must rely on cheating and chili cheese fries to survive.
"Dude, that guy is a Thien! I mean, if it IS a guy...", Robert exclaimed to me.
by Eniamert March 16, 2007
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