A word used to describe the most awesome and badass motherfucking asian there is.
John : Thien kicked me ass

Well: He is THIEN
by defeswargednjslkg November 7, 2013
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a big boy, tends to be retarded. homosexual and likes it in the ass. looks like a grizzly bear and a banana. Preferably asian.
vee loves a thien
thien is some kind of freak nature, loves to lick his ass.
by superveees January 25, 2008
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A panda loving loser whos catch phrases include:
"Holy-Moley Cow, I dun't belief."
"The Fuk?"
"Fuk u"
"Gotta Shit. Fartin, *Fart*"
Thien also goes by the name F.A.G. (Funny Asian Guy)
He likes his girls hefty and ugly and loves his boyfriend Billy.
That's going a little to Thien for me.

Thien is the F.A.G.
by Kiwi December 23, 2003
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Vietnamese middle name meaning a Heavenly girl; purest heart of them all.
“Thien Thanh
by Julian Tran October 15, 2019
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Thien is the most sexiest person in the world, Thien is the swagdaddy. Once you see Thien, you can’t take your eyes off him, because of his shiny abs and glimmering teeth. Thien works as a doctor and Meme maker every day, he makes sure that babies come out the womb safe, you can visit him in the swagdaddy hospital of Asia in Vietnam.

Thien is currently in a deep relationship with Elmo that he has built up over the years, he is commonly referred as the mother of seasome street.
Today I went to the swagdaddy hospital and I saw Thien. He was sexy
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The God of Thienism. Also referred as 'Chua'. You don't fuck with him...he fucks with you.
Double Rainbow Guy: It's a double rainbow!

Thien: No, that's a double pineapple.

Double Rainbow Guy: It's almost looking like a triple rainbow now.

Thien: Hey, titties or get the FUCK out.

Random Japanese Guy: My VCR is broken, and my cwock is still bwinking.

Thien: You don't fuck with me! I fuck with you...
by xChua July 28, 2010
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