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An interjection used to express happiness or joy about something announced through Twitter. It is a portmanteau of the words "Tweet" and "Woot/W00t".
Valve's Twitter: Half Life 2: Episode 3 will be released tomorrow.

Half Life 2 Fans: Twoot!
by Hockey > Soccer August 07, 2010
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A number of continuous tweets sent by an individual about one topic
The fuming teen released her anger as she sent a twoot saying that her favourite celeb should have won the award
by luketoreilly November 17, 2014
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to announce something particularly joyful on the site origin: the words "tweet" and "w00t" combined.
Henry: Dude, how come you didn't tell me you got engaged?

George: Well, I twooted it yesterday, how come you didn't see?
by the twoot definer May 03, 2009
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flatus expelled through the vagina; derived from the conjugation of the english words toot and twat
After plowing intensely for a good while I began to feel the urge to ejaculate, I quickly pulled out of the girl causing her to twoot.
by Twoot Sniffer February 18, 2010
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