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Twon has numerous definitions all arising from a scrub NYC Chinatown posse. Here are two:

1. An ugly asian girl

2. A bunch of weak ass asian dudes
1. Yo this karaoke spot blows, it's filled with twon girls.

2. Damn this bar has no chicks it's a damn twonfest.
by PB Bronson July 15, 2010
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Twon is basically twin, but mispelled with an o. So yeah, twon is basically twin
by Twons are the best August 07, 2018
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Just another word for "Simp King". Man's can't stop simping though... It's scary
There goes Twon, that poor woman is about to have her self esteem for way too high than it needs to.
by tzfsr June 14, 2019
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1. Someone who breaks things alot or who is clumsy
2. Someone that gets hurt alot
1. What? You broke nother bookcase? You are such a twon!"
2. "I heard Sarah broke her arm again"

" Yeh, she is such a twon"
by 666_999 November 22, 2009
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2 people that are SOOOO similar its fuckin mindbottling, but they are not related what so ever and they are of different genders.the only way u can be twons is if 1 of you is short/fun sized and the other is tall/awesome and u constantly make a constipated face and/or have luscious ginga flow.
name1: wanna hang out this week?

name2: i cant! me and my twon preform photosynthesis together on saturday, cuz u no were twons and such.
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