A terrible movie. It sucks ass. Everybody is so fucking pale.
The Twilight movie sucks. to bad hot topic had to promote this shit.
by sage thunder March 27, 2010
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the murder of the amazing book Twilight.
twilight fan: i'm so pissed. robert pattison? kristen stewart? what the fuck? the twilight movie is gonna suck.
twilight fan 2: i know man. i'm about to kill myself by jumping off a cliff.
twilight fan: lets go irritate the Volturi.
twilight fan 2: lets.
by Twilight is my religion x3 March 23, 2008
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Movie based on horrible but oddly entertaining book of the same name by author Stephenie Meyer. Full of epic lulz and sparkly goodness.
"Dude, the Twilight Movie = EPIC FAIL. SEW GOOD."
by dhdsbhfdsbvhs April 4, 2008
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a movie that is based off the most amazing books in the world. Unfourtunately for all us Twilight lovers, it's going to suck!
Don't believe me? Watch ALL the trailers and read my examples. have fun and think about it seriously!
First, let's look at the characters. Have you seen them? I was under the impression that they were supposed to be beautiful. First and foremost, the Edward in the movie is disgusting compared to the Edward in the book. Ew. But, I suppose the only thing grosser than that Edward is the Jacob. First of all, I don't even like Jacob and I imagined him a hundred times cuter. He makes me want to vomit. A lot. Now the story line and movie itself. From what I've seen in trailers, the movie has only a couple elements from the books
-bella and edward, vampire, fall in love
-bella almost gets hit by a car
-james tries to kill bella
That's it! im going to now list the things wrong from the clips i've seen.
-there is a fight-scene between edward and james. What is up with that? if you've been good and read the book, you would know that edward had no part in the demise of james. jasper and emmet killed him. Also, edward's family was at the dance studio in the book so there is no need for a fight-scene even if you wanted edward to kill james.
-I'm not exactly sure if jacob is being used much in the movie but i have seen the character they picked for him. in the first book, bella meets him as his normal 15 year old self. hes young. thats not what i see from the pictures. but im not too sure on that one
-edward and bella are not supposed to be able to make out and be so close. in the one trailer, bella is in her underwear and on top of him. last time i checked, that was a no-no. minor detail but true.
-the meadow that they show is ugly and they climb a tree. no-no again.
-have i meantioned how ugly the characters are?

furthermore, the book and movie are two separate entities. we all know that they changed it too get guys and non twilight fans to see it. this is what happens when you sign your soul to the devil. in this case, an amazing book to terrible hollywood directors.

***now im sure that the movie wont be half bad but it will break the hearts of the TRUE twilight fans when they see their favorite story turned into just another movie within months. i also believe that the actors except for the fact that the one playing edward who says he hates edward and the book. can you say HYPOCRITE? and directors are not bad people or terribly ugly but they dont look like the amazing vampires we love and they turned a wonderful story into...that. it just doesn't cut it. But they are not the only ones to blame. shame on stephenie meyer for selling it to them. what dignity do you have left? enough not to publish midnight sun? thats what i thought. but thanks for the books!.
im sure many agree with me when i say that twilight and any other books of the series should never be made or have ever been made into movie(s).
just to get this out there. i AM going to see the Twilight Movie so i have the actual movie to go back to snd reference when in further dicussions of the movie.

thank you for your time, reading, and support.
by R. Dw. October 29, 2008
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A product or group that is inplausible in every form but gains media success through Female veiwers of age variety 13-15 because:

a.The male protaganists/leaders have a hairstyle that is 99% hairspray.
b.The male protaganist/leader rarely wears any upper clothing.
c.The male protaganist(s)/leader is in musical activity that includes recycled song premises and electric guitars.
This can also be reffered to as TMS.
Twilight Movie Syndrome has given talentless faggots voice editing devices and fame through fangirl fucktards who get pissed off if you do not refer to the Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus as gods.
by SantaChrist January 27, 2010
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Twi-light Twahy Crap

1. A Disney Hannah Montana Monstrosity made solely for 13 year old girls with no ambition in life.

2. A series of books that will take your breath away and fill it with the stench of a 1/2 eaten camels torso covered in feces.

3. Cartoon vampires that would lose in a fight against baby bunnies and duckies.

4. Robert Pattinson whose acting resembles a retarded giraffe with PMS.

5. Instead of blood, the movie sucks 122 min of your life. The next day you wake up and realize you've been rapped in the mind.
Five 13 year old girls go to the theatre and see Twilight The Movie.
by Staticash April 24, 2009
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