When you are giving it to a woman doggystyle, then you turn her around, ejaculate on her face, and immediately follow it up with a handful of glitter to the face, then turn the lights on and see her sparkle.
I totally gave Kelly "The Twilight" last night, she's still picking glitter out of her hair.
by Frohboy November 21, 2009
That phase of being 1/2 awake & 1/2 asleep; or being so into something that you're completely unaware of your surroundings.
Lots of days I am twilighting & it's an amazing wonderful mystical feeling!
by Starchylde January 29, 2015
Overreacting to a somewhat overwhelming situation for the person twilighting, but for others, the situation isn’t that bad. The person tends to overthink, overplan, and hyperventilate.
Friend: Uh, hey, are you doing alright?
Twilighter: Hehe, yeah! I’m doing alright! Just need 7,432 things to do before the big event happens- OH WHO AM I KIDDING I AM NOT OKAY THERE IS SO MUCH TO DO BY TOMORROW!
Friend: Wow, you are twilighting hard.
by GpMaR April 9, 2019
A book series in which a young girl must choose between bestiality and necrophilia.
Typical Girl: I LOVE Twilight because it's an amazing book about love, and it's the story of my life. I'm average looking and would very much want to have a hot vampire AND a hot werewolf want me.

Typical Boy: I HATE Twilight because it sucks so much. It's so unoriginal and no one should ever like it. No I'm not just jealous because all the girls like Edward...
by Stevedaculedood55 May 21, 2010
It occurs at dusk & dawn; the darking up & the lightening up of the sky.
I Love twilight; it's the 2nd & 3rd most favorite times of day/night for me!
by Starchylde August 24, 2016
Twilight is the time between dawn and sunrise, and the time between sunset and dusk.
Twilight is one of the most beautiful times of the day for some people.
by cheygirl24 March 6, 2009
A book that has garnered the affection of tweenies everywhere; it tells of the neurotic, paranoid relationship between two people. They are both jealous of their rivals and continually try to kill themselves to get out of their boring lives. Neither has much of a personality to speak of though they find one another fascinating, possibly because they have never before met anyone as boring and one dimensional as themselves.
an extract from Twilight:

"Edward, what about ROSALIE?!"
"She means nothing to me, but what about Mike?!"
"Ugh you have nothing to worry about! Please don't try to kill yourself again! I mean, I don't really like Italy, maybe if the Volturi could relocate to Paris?"
"Isabella. I feel as though you are not taking me seriously. Are you shagging Jacob on the side??"
by spacer_ November 21, 2008