-vampire mobsters
-run by three brothers; aro, marcus, and caius
-people who do the dirty work: jane, alec, felix...
-italian vampires
oh crap! i forgot to change bella into a vampire! now the volturi are going to send jane, alec, and the others for me! i guess the saying "'sleeping' with the fishies" won't exactly apply to me...
by the fabster August 29, 2008
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The Volturi are a group of ancient italian vampires that protect vampire law. In other words make sure the existence of vampires stay secret. The Volturi Coven includes Aro, Caius, Marcus, Sulpicia, and Athenodora. And Didyme used to but Aro killed her because he was too power hungry to let Marcus and her leave the Volturi. There's also The Volturi Guard. That consists of Alec, Jane, Felix, Demetri, Chelsea, Renata (partial). Basically they do all the REAL work. Aro, Marcus, and Caius aren't kick-ass enough to do much so they have others to do their bidding. In short Alec, Jane, Felix, and Demetri do pretty much everything and sometimes consult with Aro. In modern times (via Breaking Dawn) Aro has become tired of Plan A: Keep the existence of vampires a secret to Plan B: Take over the vampire world in power hungry in greedy ways.
Felix: Some n00bish vampires in England are creating an army
Aro: Perhaps we should take care of that.
Jane: Suppose we should to that.

*Jane, Alec, Demetri, and Felix go but a stop to (kill) the n00bish vampires meanwhile Aro, Marcus, Caius "leaders of the volturi" sit on their butts*
by MovingBrick August 31, 2011
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something you threaten people with.
give me back the money you stole or i'll provoke the Volturi and blame YOU.
by Twilight is my religion x3 March 23, 2008
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Alec Volturi is a fictional character from Stephenie Meyer's The Twilight Saga. He first appeared in New Moon. He is Jane's twin brother. Together, the twins became the most offensive weapon of the Volturi.

Alec is mostly described to be the nice twin but he's actually not. He works quietly and keeps to himself, studying every attack of the enemy, analyzing on when to give out his attack. Among the family and the guards, he is the least apathetic of them all. He's kind of animated in some way, as the books says, he was the one who teased Jane and Edward in New Moon. I noticed also that he was smiling most of the time in Chapter 21, Verdict. Alec has very dark brown hair, lips less full as his sister's and the same red eyes like the rest of human blood-drinking vampires. He looks gorgeous indeed and will make every girl drop dead at the sight of him. Alec has the common abilities a vampire has, speed, strength, und so weiter. His gift though, is extremely powerful. While her sister induces pain and can only concentrate on one person, his gift is the exact opposite, the antidote. His special ability is to cut off one's senses and he can also do this to a multiple number of people. This power is in the form a misty gray haze.

In the book it was said that Alec and Jane looked like 13 year olds, but in the movie, they were portrayed by Cameron Bright, then 16, and Dakota Fanning, 15...
-A normal scenario from school-
Guy#1: Hey, who's that Alec Volturi guy on your page?
Me: My husband. Duh.
Guy#2: *raises his eyebrows* Eh? Where's he from?
Me: Italy. Duh.
Guy#1: Duh, what book?
Me: OH! New Moon :->
Guy#1: Ahh...


Oh My Alec Volturi! Curse your gorgeousness :((

You're Alec Volturi, Renesmee's husband right? :->

Alec Volturi, marry me.
by Team Reneslec January 30, 2010
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...Also, the books stated nothing about his love life. That lead people like me to think of everything turns out with him...and we came with a preposterous answer: Renesmee Carlie Swan Cullen. Yes, Renesmee, the impossible child, the daughter of THE Edward Cullen and Bella Swan. The one that the DOG :o3 loves...but sucks for him, Team Reneslec existed >:)
In the world of Twilight, Jacob might be Paris and Edward the Romeo, but in the Reneslec world, Jacob is the Romeo, Alec is Paris...AND WE ARE TEAM PARIS!
Alec Volturi, my personal painkiller.
by Team Reneslec January 30, 2010
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