A physical feeling between a twitch and a wiggle.
by melicia April 22, 2004
To get exceedingly drunk and give an unsolicited lap dance to a victim as if you were a stripper from the Claremont Lounge. Said lap dance will render the victim incapacitated.
Where's Sam? She hasn't spoken to anyone since Trannabest twiggled on her last weekend.
by Swoggle August 7, 2012
to tickle the inside of ones belly button with your pointer finger
i wish i hadn't twiggled you.. now my finger is covered with dust

i twiggled her so hard my finger got stuck
by jblock19191 July 13, 2011
the action of when your eyes twitch and wiggle simultaneously; may be an amplified and/or side effect of visual enhancing drugs
0. sometimes, only one eye will twiggle.
1. my eye just twiggled.
2. do you get the twiggles?
3. my eyes have been twiggling all day.
by cheerupmate July 1, 2011
when you tuck your weiner and balls between your legs and run. the movement of the cock and balls wiggles. therefore it is a twiggle.
that guy was running naked, and i saw his twiggle.
by ipeesittindown August 21, 2008
n. a small piece of something yummy, like cake. v. to drop a twiggle
Do you mind if I take a twiggle of your birthday cake?
by barbie mancini March 26, 2005
to carry out an adjustment with great skill and care in order to ensure optimum response and /or performance
shall i twiggle this thistle valve me -owd
by ginger tosser October 29, 2004