To move yourself about, to shake.
by Anonymous June 18, 2003
Someone who is weird, or a weirdo. A person that is behaving strangely or oddly.
"Hey, do you see that guy over there? He is talking to himself and laughing at his own jokes. He's such a wiggle."

"Those people over there are hanging upside down, eating cucumbers while reciting Shakespeare. They are definitely wiggles!"
by sarah_123smith December 21, 2010
"Yo Ryan, lets bounce."
"Yo Ryan, lets wiggle."
by Ryan Penn May 10, 2006
1 What one does when one is high, usually on an upper, such as crystal or anni.
2 What one does on one's own time, no drugs involved (but usually a drug history).
3 When one is REALLY high and should not be bothered.
1 Hey! Don't take away my markers! Drawing is my wiggle!
2 Yeah, I like to design tatoos, it's my wiggle.
3 No man, we can't go over there tonight, he's wiggling hard; he might pull a gun on us!!
by Kat :) April 28, 2006
to wiggle something means to move or shake something
i wiggle my cock to get the cum out
by cock wank June 20, 2003