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To move yourself about, to shake.
by Anonymous June 18, 2003
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when someone is under the influence of cocaine or methamphetamine and cannot control his/her body movements.

e.g. teeth grinding, nail biting, and invisible typewriter
Me: "hey loudog, look at dj, he's being all wiggles"
Loudog: "fuck his life."
by mearepirate October 04, 2009
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To get on the floor with sexual paraphanelia (lotion, barbie doll, etc) and masturbate using the pavement as a sexual partner.
Person 1: "Hey Taylor, do you ever masturbate?"

Person 2: "Well....sometimes I get on the floor and know....wiggle!!!"
by LuckyJackAubrey July 13, 2010
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Someone who is weird, or a weirdo. A person that is behaving strangely or oddly.
"Hey, do you see that guy over there? He is talking to himself and laughing at his own jokes. He's such a wiggle."

"Those people over there are hanging upside down, eating cucumbers while reciting Shakespeare. They are definitely wiggles!"
by sarah_123smith December 21, 2010
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Def - 1 - The whippin boy at school. Theres always one of em in each group at school...No matter how much he gets beat up or tortured, the lil sucker always goes back for more, hopin that one day, there'll be a new whippin boy introduced. There never will be. Whippin boys dont change, once a whippin boy, always a whippin boy.

Def - 2 - The kid who always tries to make the jokes, that, if anybody else had made, would of been funny, but cos he got there first, its not funny...This causes people to rip the piss out of him and push him out of the group...even more than he already was...fucking wiggles...
Ex-1-Cool Kid - Hey look its wiggles, sup wiggles?
Wiggles - Not Mu-
Cool Kid - *Punches Wiggles + Breaks His Glasses*
Wiggles - HEEEEEY !!! You Big Meanie McNasty !!!
Cool Kid - Shh...

Ex-2-Wiggles - So, the bishop says, that wasnt my crucfix.
Cool Kid - ...
Wiggles - ...?
Cool Kid - Fagget...Go home and sodomize yourself with
a cucumber sandwich...
Cool Kid #2 - *Punches Wiggles*
Cool Kid - *Breaks His Glasses*
Froggy - Gg...
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