Adjective Something pretentious, pointless or awkward, including behaviour.

'Twatty' may cause offence. Especially to twats.
Typical twatty students showing off.

Low rent celebs getting twatty on TV.

Filling out this twatty tax rebate.

When they call on the rules, they're not being fair, they're just being twatty.
by Memeticmagic May 30, 2007
someone or something which is daft. a light hearted twist to the insult'twat' but more acceptable for use in public
for flips sake sandra stop prancing round the place like a twatty and lay the table.
by letty hunt July 9, 2003
A mussel - the seafood, shell fish. Called this due to the resemblance of a shelled mussel to a woman's pussy. Pussy = twat, so mussels are twattys.
For a snack I ate mushy peas and twattys
by SteveMickPete June 10, 2006
Twattie: that stuff oozing from a twitter account, jettisoned into the ether of the net, potentially forever.
"Dude, like why waste your twattie on some Hoobnoblet !" "My twattie lies over the ocean, my twattie lies over the sea" " Note from twitter : Your filthy twattie got you suspended "
by oneilbox March 24, 2018
a man having womanly emotional qualities that would lead you to believe he may be sporting a vagina; a man who acts like a woman more than a woman.
*John* is being so emotional about his break-up with *Jane* of only 3 days. He's acting so twatty.
by frvscnt1106 January 23, 2011
(adjective) The act of being a twat.
Wow, are these two girls across from us twatty or what?
by this guy knows June 21, 2010
A crewmate in Among Us who votes a player out for saying 'Card Reader' rather than 'Card Swipe'
Blue voted me out cause I said Card Reader, what a twatty moe
by Ronan1021 October 22, 2020