1. seefruit; belonging to the family of bivalves, like clam
2. a womans genitalia
1. gee, your mussels tastes salty
2. gee, your mussel tastes salty
by dutchpantyraider December 10, 2011
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A species of mollusk especially favored by marine ecology instructors at state colleges
Our teacher was completely in love with the mussels she protected when she was a park ranger
by TESC232 March 19, 2008
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And I feel like William Tell
Maid Marian on her tiptoed feet
Pulling Mussels from a shell
-Squeeze Lyrics.

"Hey Jim what where you doing with Molly the other night"
"Nothing mate, just pulling mussels."
by Civiux April 20, 2013
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Filipino slang term for cunnilingus of women due to similarities in both appearance and smell.
Brian: "Hey Leonid. What'd you do last night?"
Leonid: "Nothing much. I just went swimming for mussels."
Brian: "You are one mussel-eating, filipino."
Leonid: "Damn skippy. I like the mussels almost as much as timbits."
by L Castillo November 08, 2007
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Mussel fest :the opposite of sausage fest,were a party is composed only of female
I went to that club not knowing it was a lesbos club! What a mussel fest!
by Sasenlanus July 16, 2014
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A word used to refer to a woman’s vagina.
I have not had sex in a while. I would like to get myself another bush mussel.
by abzynth August 05, 2018
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a small amount of saline liquid thats produced when vigourously shaking hands with russel the love mussel
"i think my mussel's cooked baby, fancy some mussel juice"
by mr-mussel July 02, 2005
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