Time-weighted average price. The average price of an asset over time.

TWAP is used by traders with high volume, executing the same size trade over and over during a span of time. This is done to not drain liquidity in a single trade. And to not affect market perceptions in a single trade.
He's twaping Bitcoin, selling $100k every minute.
by undertheradar May 20, 2021
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lil wayne's word for anything sexual or anything about the female figure
Girl, i'm in need of some serious twap!
by Tom927 March 12, 2010
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To slap someone in the face with a twizzler.

also known as twapped, twapping.
Andrew: Hey lance!

(Lance Turns Around)


Patrick: Man Andrew just twapped the shit out of Lance
by Dipablo May 15, 2011
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Hitting another man in the nuts by whipping ur fingers into it
I twapped Ryan so hard he fell to the ground
by Jesse February 28, 2004
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To punch, slap, flick, or in anyway assualt your friends balls. Also a slutty girl
Friend: (slaps your balls)

you: "You call that a ball twap"
by Josh Readel November 18, 2007
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"How much you want?" "Let me get a twap."
by VanillaFreak May 22, 2004
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a word used by mad gangsta homies meaning cool
yo dat nigga is twap!!
by j-nizzal June 22, 2007
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