The fine art/act of stalking, scrutinizing and mentally/physically tormenting a person as if they were your girlfriend or boyfriend. This is usually because the person who is doing the spanning is arrogant, a pompous windbag or they feel like they are owed. They have feelings for the person they span and have decided that person belongs to them without the consent, permission, reciprocation of same feelings or even the knowledge of the victim they span. The art/act of spanning is often conducted in front of friends or others in an effort to embarrass and belittle the person they span into acting the way they desire.
Person 1: Did you change the locks to lock me out of my own house??!

Person 2: Where tne fuck were you? Who did you leave with?

Person 1: None of your business, quit spanning me!
by poonanni January 22, 2016
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A derogatory, insulting term used to denote stupidity. Can be considered racist, as the term may apply to other races deemed inferior by the speaker.

The East building in Southwest High School is for span kids.
by MaximusPrime August 5, 2007
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Norwegian rock quartet. Possibly the best band on the planet with such audio jems as 'Papa', 'Don't Think The Way They Do' and 'Baby's Come Back' and outstanding live sets.

Members include Jarle Bernhoft, Fridtjof nilsen, Fredrik Wallumrod and Kim Nordbaek.
Past members include Vemund Stavnes who left in late 2003 for personal reasons.
I saw SPAN in London and they owned.
by upwiththedownload May 2, 2004
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A word in place of "loads" or "very"
guy:i love u span!
Girl: I love u too
by durbanite August 21, 2017
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spider-man; a fictional superhero in the Marvel Universe
Have you ever seen span? Yes, I have
by Andrius March 1, 2008
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Short for special fan, it’s when a fan is given personal advantages that other fans don’t have by the person they’re stanning.
Shawn Mendes gave her free tickets to his show? She must be a span!”
by Hellridge September 5, 2018
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